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oakley sunglasses for cheap the surroundings didn't discover a shady character thing."
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TOPIC: oakley sunglasses for cheap the surroundings didn't discover a shady character thing."

oakley sunglasses for cheap the surroundings didn't discover a shady character thing." 11 months, 1 week ago #104344

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Prevent°from suddenly assaulting of a .
"-, My leg!"
One well-known scholar the soldier lie on the ground tightly Wu to live his/her own right leg, the Xing red blood flowed out from the right side of his thigh.
Did obeisance Lun to beat a signal, signaled hint to allow several individuals to search everywhere bottom, then come forward to shout a way:"Exceed a gram, exceed a gram!Quick bearer!"
One well-known scholar the soldier quickly walk to come forward to let go of the gun in the hand to take out plain white cloth to tie up for him.
"Just took place what matter?"Just the gram squatted down down and looking at the edge of knife on his body to ask a way.
Soldier's pain and sufferings shook to shake head and bit a tooth way:"I ain't clear either, I just feel a dark shadow from I nearby flash across, then feel thigh to be stabbed one knife."
"What!You have to see wrong!"Just the gram is unimaginable of call a way.Each person here can is all elite in the elite, will under the ill-defined condition drive Tong one knife.
The soldier shook to shake head a way:"I am definite what don't also see clear."
"See appearance, we met with a superior!"Do obeisance saying of Lun complexion strain.
Led in a short while, a soldier walked to come over, "report, the surroundings didn't discover a shady character thing."
" Have been already run."Doing obeisance Lun is wrinkly eyebrows.
Just gram the wound that looking at to lie on the ground wears, wrinkly the eyebrows ask a way:"Now how do?"
Doing obeisance Lun to consider is next:"The task is important, see him like this can not set out, either, Kevin!"
"You shine on to see exceed a gram here, the others continue to set out with me."
Do obeisance Lun ten thousand ten thousand don't thought of, just just started to their disasters.After they run about a road, and then have a soldier's thigh to get hurt, but be could not grasp a murderer, even connect a shadows don't see.Face this circumstance, do obeisance Lun to also feel very helpless, there is no way, he can send one more people to shine on to see this wound, other continue to pursue and arrest Yi any.
Certainly, all of all theses are what grams Lao Si do.His purpose is easy be continuously let to do obeisance Lun they decrease personnel, by so doing can reduce own pressure, since then also baffling they the progress for pursuing and arresting.He could not grasp Yi any, unimportant,
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