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john lennon sunglasses ray ban 00
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TOPIC: john lennon sunglasses ray ban 00

john lennon sunglasses ray ban 00 11 months, 1 week ago #104326

  • fayp62amf78
What elder brother said is similar.That we took leave, to, want here hand over to your letter Qin Ge, let us conveniently take to come over, that we don't bother., To, let's see the weapons putting in your store to have no problem.I this teammate is a warrior, the weapon consumes very quick."
Mo beard turns body once and picks up Qin Ge to write to his letter from Huang Yan Shou, and then hear the work that Huang Yan say to want to see he or she, also not is pull a long face again so much and have to say:"That, your right here sees, be used as you to come to the guerdon that I send letter, you 2 can respectively purchase a soul to pack by the price of 20% discount, certainly, everybody limits 1."
Offer a 20% discount is also expensive~!Huang Yan is in mind to inwardly whisper.May be to know yellow burning viewpoint, Mo beard at enter back yard before, toward Huang burning with Hao feeling gun the guest say:"You know why I create of the soul pack weapon to sell so expensive?Originally I didn't intend these soul bodies said with you, however saw a that are old Qin to introduce at you up, I broke rules to tell you good.I create of weapon, the material using still has all not too similar to other blacksmiths skillses, so the cost has to be much high.Your doing not want to see to pack with those souls that explode out from the monster body to be similar is all enduring degree at 100:00, think both are similar enduring, actually, all of 40 class the following soul packs, is all enduring degree at 100:00, but enduring degree the speed of the depletion is completely different.I create of weapon, the life span of the use most at least is those souls that explode out pack of 2 times above."
200%?Huang Yan is finally understand, why the soul here pack to sell thus of Be getting more expensive.If the words of really equal to and double durable, the price is absolutely original 2 times also not only.Is an is matching the soul that oneself uses to pack, is can hardly run into, want to make again to arrive the second, this energy that in the center cost also can not small see.If can directly make to a pleasing soul of 200% durables to pack, the double price is absolute to is very worthwhile.
Hao feeling gun the guest hear this news and have already very shown interest.Be used as a warrior, the long gun durable of his use consumes of quick, yellow burning be used as a Shu private can not realize.Huang Yan ever since didn't read from the madman valley got there suitable oneself used of method Zhang after, use
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