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you wait to still need to shelter
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TOPIC: you wait to still need to shelter

you wait to still need to shelter 11 months ago #104008

  • bpyajrugv39
Have ever seen that boy?"Listen to Qi Feng so on saying, that Liu floats Rao to immediately after ask a way right away.
"Ha ha, but just just once saw,lancel handbags in paris,, just gate to a monastery."This Liu's floating Rao to pour is to don't conceal, because has two outside pupils in the door him to also basically deceive not to live here.
"That is evil to fix pupil!You why not blocked down!"On listenning to this words, that Liu floats Rao to wait one stem the person wait to immediately reprimand angrily to a way.
"Is evil to fix pupil?"Liu Piao Rao a surprised,lancel handbags outlet, look in the eyes flicker uncertain,lancel bags discount, but the complexion the slightest doesn't change.
About to speak that Tang Fei's whereabouts, don't think this time Fu Yu and leaf square Heng 2 people also together and together fly to gate to a monastery.
The appearance that waits one stem Qi Feng elder at the sight of Liu Piao Rao, the in the mind is dark to breath a sigh of relief, but is understand Tang Fei at least smooth break out of snow absolute being mountain,loui vuitton purses, as for arrive outside whether can continue to succeed in escaping, have to see him ownly build to turn!
"The elder of Qi Feng doesn't listen to and believe Chan speech,lancel maroquinerie, Tang Fei is me horizontal Feng true oral tradition pupil, go out this time occupies to give to him for horizontal Feng, don't have no its idea!"
Leaf square once the Heng see leaf square Heng and go the gift of a pupils of same master, some complexions are surly see one eye Liu Piao Rao this just slowly say.
Listenned to a leaf a square Heng is this words,, that Qi Feng not from must have some to gleam again, but the in the mind has already done judgment.
"Huming is clearly evil to fix pupil, you wait to still need to shelter, could it be that your 2 people be also the same as birds of a feather with him!Act in collusion for evil purpose!"The one of Liu Piao Rao is cold to hum,, then says.
"Elder Liu says so can not to, your list has no good one-sided statement and then breaks to settle me with that, horizontal Feng pupil is for evil fix, Zhao Wu Liang of Qi Feng's head can also have already heard in the door!"The leaf square Heng the slightest doesn't let, and don't say to really beat his leaf square the Heng didn't fear to, even if is ratio in the position in the door, he is to the slightest don't fear to, but Tang Fei, he now but whole horizontal Feng unique person, original line of position that is already equal to lord of one Feng, take care of you what Qi Feng big elder.
"Hum,does that evil thunder also have a leave?"Liu Piao Rao is burning with anger,, drink to ask on the spot.
"Is being able to use the evil thunder evil to fix?"At this time that leaf square the Heng and Fu Yu haven't opened mouth, simultaneously hasn't been opening mouth of Qi Feng but on the contrary the openings counter-question a way.
"How,sunglasses by ray ban?Does the Qi elder also want to shelter that boy?"Once Liu Piao however with angry look stare and stare at toward the Qi Feng,
"If is really evil to fix pupil, I Qi Feng even if is a brave such as the bear leopard again how dare to shelter
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