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because in this blazing hot desert
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TOPIC: because in this blazing hot desert

because in this blazing hot desert 11 months, 1 week ago #104002

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Want to pass by to be greatly burning mountain, we set out together!".
Hear this words,oakley titanium sunglasses, the Zhuo feather facial expression immediately rejoices with wild joy of color, saying of his concussion:"That be really too like, boy Li Xiang, don't know how the old-timer calls?"
"You are really a reasonable kid, my Xing Ping, luck."The lookinging at of the old applause Zhuo feather, but that eyes gleam one silk deceitful.
The Zhuo feather is just heart in sneer at, because he has already confirmed this old incognizant he, and the old also has to irregularly scheme to him.
The real strenght of luck also lets the Zhuo feather have scruples about, because in this blazing hot desert, Ping Yun didn't feel blazing hot and even had no a drop of sweat run off.Be different from Zhuo feather whole body be wet by the sweat.
So, 2 people accompany and go, the Zhuo feather rushes on the desert,, Ping Yun then the station speed in flying sword,, he is using a pair of full is a crafty look in the eyes to looking at the Zhuo feather on the ground, the corner of mouth also peeped out one silk crafty smile.
The Zhuo feather intentionally puts slow speed, he not only wants to keep real strenght,valise lancel, but also makes Ping Yun mistaken for his real strenght how not, Ping Yun is also toward west the noodles walk, this is similar to the direction of walking of Zhuo feather, is just that the Zhuo feather still can not guess this to carry to just beat to him what kind of abacus now.
Ping Yun also puts slow speed, hold with Zhuo feather even:"Li Xiao Ge,ray ban 4147,, what do you go to greatly burning mountain to do?That mountain is very dangerous of ah!"
The Zhuo feather pulls throat to shout a way:"My teacher is bitten by a kind of cold insect, in cold poison, demand fire lotus in the sky reads, I was kept the big by him since the childhood, I also can Ting but walk insurance."
"So that's why, that your teacher should pretty severe!The so young self-discipline of Wu Zhe Neng's arriving you this situation is also very rare."Ping Yun says.
"My teacher is just the martial of an inborn highest point, and doesn't break for several years and still met with now affair like this,,lancel roll'n rock bag, alas!"The Zhuo feather sighs a way.
On the road, Ping Yun discovers that the Zhuo feather will be used to keep thing bag,cheap oakley sunglasses sale, but had no to ask more, he knows that these keep thing bag need mentality or work properly dint and then can use, the nothing important is surprising.
The Zhuo feather is used to keep thing bag to also just cover up his/her own blunt universe bead in take out headwaters just, if this carry not to make moves to him, he can't makes moves on his owns initiative, either, he also only watches out for all the way, this lets the speed that he goes forward slow many.
Winked to pass by for a month,black gucci bags,, and the Zhuo feather can also from a distance see an a redly and only the pillar shot into air, particularly the time in night, but that old sees
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