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gucci wallet for men sighed a tone way
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TOPIC: gucci wallet for men sighed a tone way

gucci wallet for men sighed a tone way 11 months ago #98370

  • cvz03stdka12
Wearing a can can take the woman of telescope, whether there is too no gentleman poise or whether you to ownly isn't so self-confident."Said to return Yang the telescope in the Yang hand, signal hint oneself don't resist at all now of strength.
Although the gram Lao Si early knows Ai Lin the Nuo is more difficult to make, don't thought of that the meeting is so sharp, the momentary Leng is over there and frightens into inaction.It is Qin Mu Yao to seem to pour the Nuo is to the Ai Lin this kind of the vehemence nowise is afraid relatively appreciate and flicked to wave hand and signaled hint a gram of Lao Si lets go of the gun, the Luo Luo says with smile:"Is quite good, very good, in this case, unexpectedly talk don't bite own tongue, your courage pours is pretty let what me admire."
The Ai Lin Nuo Pie Pie mouth way:"I ain't a big tongue again, why want to bite oneself's tongue, and you have a liking for go to so the docile is friendly, I want and fear also frightened not rise come, not you cast away here to my a person, perhaps I will fear of wet the pants."
"Is bothersome!"
The words of Ai Lin Nuo haven't finished saying, the neck spreads a burst of acute pain after suddenly feeling, two eyes a black then faint.Qin Mu Yao looking at to hand the gram of the Nuo of Ai Lin Lao Si to helplessly shakes a way:" You when change of so violence."
Gram Lao Si Pie next mouth way:"Is ashamed, I really could not stood."
Qin Mu Yao glimpses to pour Lao Si the Ai Lin of the bosom is at the gram Nuo, sighed a tone way:"This woman will never be a general person and stay her is nearby and perhaps willing bring us an unexpected surprise."
"Ha ha, you like good!"The gram Lao Si simple and honestly smiled to smile, then silent a short while way:"Connect down how you intend to do?"
The very resolute order way of Qin Mu Yao:"Three hours, in three hours I want to see the airplane that all people inside the base all safely ascended to fly to a No.2 base."Finish saying, Qin Mu Yao draws a deep sigh a way again:"Is surprisingly in very short few hours, I not only lost a son, 'Satan', also give°ed the our most important base to throw, really accompanied a son and fold a soldier!"
"I knew!"
Gram Lao Si the skill will carry on the shoulder on the shoulder to follow in the Ai Lin Nuo Qin Mu Yao to walk toward the base.Walk several step, Qin Mu Yao suddenly returns overdo, ask a way toward the gram Lao Si:"Your heel Yi any is so long,
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