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cheap oakley m frame sunglasses "Su Yu Juan answers.
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TOPIC: cheap oakley m frame sunglasses "Su Yu Juan answers.

cheap oakley m frame sunglasses "Su Yu Juan answers. 11 months ago #98361

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Idea may resume a little bit quickly so!
Su jade Juan the face still stretch tight have a little tight, the in the mind still a little bit fears and strain, really want to push away Liu Tao 's hand, but want the words said by Zheng Xia, still strong endure, and also stretch hand to daut Liu Tao 's face, 2 people daut mutually blurred sleep.
Later on a day, Liu Tao is convenience to secretly guide Su jade Juan, seek to lend jade Juan every evening dormitory to stay overnight at Su.

Chapter 84 captures a thief to capture a king plan first

On the morning of February 15, 2001, the Su jade Juan just got to office soon, Chen Meng Xue was smiling all over to walk to come in.The Su jade Juan hurriedly receives to pour water, and accompanies her to sit in seat of honor down in the sofa, then smiles of say:"Old elder sister, you need not worried, the sky has no unique person's road, let's arrange somehow!"
" ……You how can anyone know am I worried?Do you say so that you also know what I seek your stem?"Chen Meng Xue hurriedly asks.
"Ha ha!Is you it three places in F City, G City and H City that come?"Su the jade Juan counter-questioning of smile.
"You are true cleverness, have what good way?"Chen Meng Xue continues to ask.
"The mountain heavy water replies Yi to have no road, enchanting sight in spring time again Tsun 1.'Liu An'already past, 'the flower is clear' depend our teams to fight fierce battle, we absolutely not ability Qie!"Su Yu Juan answers.
"These more than three months, our company has already lost some old customers, although have already sought some new customers back, lose old customer's amount to also estimate inside the scope at us, but three place in F City, G City and H City is strange astonishing, all old customers don't with our company mean to continuously invite.These three cities all save city, the market is very big, and let's always can not all give up!"Chen Meng Xue helplessly says.
"Old elder sister, I miss our two people have to the soldier divide two roads to go to these three cities to make a trip and exclusively go and see old customer and look for to appear this circumstance reason, and work out a problem, you see how?"Su Yu Juan suggests.
"Jade younger sister Juan, do like this can, but very difficult do!We company the modification originally become number of to conduct a letter of agreement, the customer can not reject goods now, beyond all doubt don't accept.We then seek customer, how say?"Chen Meng Xue helplessly says.
"Old elder sister, I know this
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