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TOPIC: That seem similar thing of Jiang corpse suddenly Dong of a dropped down from the crest hole

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On his head, followed his cheeks to flow down.A thick heavy Fu ozone also since his head spread to open above.The nerve of Sung Xiao stretches tight to tightly get up once again.He fears but again nervous of raise head,, almost and then get in touch with with moreover a putrefied and ferocious face intimacy.The host of face peep out half body in a hole of wall from the crest.That hole leaves Sung Xiao half rice far, just saw too fluster don't notice.On the face of have no eye pupil in the eye, the looking at of empty hole Sung Xiao.Blood relationship not whole noses an absorb of, give people of the felling is disgusted excrescent.
Sung Xiao pours to take a suck at cool spirit, being almost been disgusted by that Fu ozone must vomit out!
What is this ?Jiang corpse?!That seem similar thing of Jiang corpse suddenly Dong of a dropped down from the crest hole, action clumsily of climbed to Sung Xiao, old sky of, he is to once say which afraid is a wild beast to indulge in arguments a voice also compare silent good, but that also just end in talk, he will never hope to really rush out this kind of thing!
Luckily he still survives one silk of rational, hence,, he immediately usually the road fall back to climb, the action of that monster isn't quick,is no matter his outlooking, still his actions can give artificial become extreme dismay.Sung Xiao knew perfectly welled a way to once turn over the body climbs to be quicker, but eyes are to don't dare to leave that monster,!He dislikes an indetermination factor and fear that that kind of could not see of fear!Can more is worried,
MLB baseball jerseys, the hand and foot is on the contrary more slow.Therefore, he and that distance between the monsters on the contrary and gradually drew near.
Sung Xiao bites tooth a strength of fierce back, suddenly, Bo neck the breath that again feel an iciness.He head Weng for a while,
Lancel Handbags,, have for an instant, the heart seemed to be all to stop flutter!
"Road closed, change a road?"Because an icy cold hand touched a top his cheeks, one was slippery to get fed up with getting fed up with, icy of voice stick his empress the back ring out.
Change a road?Say in brief, where still have road can walk!Also somehow or other, feared extremity, he isn't on the contrary so frightened.Greatly not one dead!His in the mind thinks like this, but when yes that Jiang corpse hand of monster grasped his ankle,, he just knows before dying real approach, fearing can't disappear!
Suddenly, a hand wore through blackness and crossed that half squats down of monster, held tight the arm of Sung Xiao, pull toward the direction of that monster he!Seeing oneself will with that disgusted monster bump together, Sung Xiao cannot helps but exclaiming any further and tightly shut a double at the same time eye.
In the imagination of bump shot, disgusted, death the etc. was similar don't also arrive, replace of but is a familiar male voice:"You are all right?"
Sung Xiao doesn't dare the eye is to the opening of letter and then see Du feather as well that makes the look in the eyes that he has peace of mind,
Cucci free shipping.But he immediately thinks of just of situation,
discount Cucci, call a
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