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TOPIC: that Shu mountain​cheap-nfl-jerseys.htm that Shu mountain 11 months, 2 weeks ago #9000

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Then met the person of seedling Jiang halfway, is originally not intentional and seedling Jiang the person become enemies, who know that person but make moves to him first, 2 people directly beat,, while Qian Yun Dao go not equal to that person, be become by his severely wounded so, even green Liu Jian is also ruined, but that seedling Jiang the person throw down a words more:"The day of Shu mountain worship of ancestors woulds be Shu mountain to put out a parties of!"
This sentence Qian Yun Jing must not light, he also not dare to find a ground of treatment, neglect a body negative severely wounded, day and night and travel at double speed rush through to Shu mountain, for of would be to pass this news together ten thousand swords!
Listen to the words of finishing money cloud,
new era,, together ten thousand swords not from once the complexion change, while the station is by the side of him of together traverse Hao but is great anger:"Small seedling Jiang, the courage isn't small, unexpectedly dare to make my Shu mountain might of god!Father, you issue order, I this goes to even seedling Jiang, worship ancestors big Dian to add a fiesta gift for my Shu mountain."Together traverse Hao for these several days because Luo joss-stick joss-stick already heart in torment, fragrant in the Luo joss-stick the in front performance come out of the arrogance imperceptibly also express in the outsider in front, didn't expect this words but directly infuriate his father.
"Is stupid child, roll to return to!"Together ten thousand swords stared to together traverse Hao one eye and turned a head to Qian Yun Dao:"Qian Dao You, since you have already arrived Shu mountain, this matter then hands over my Shu mountain treatment!You are two, carry money cloud way friend first to descend to take a rest,
new era caps on sale."
"BE,!"Two pupils should 1, take money cloud rush hereafter the hospital rush through to go, and together traverse Hao drive together ten thousand swords don't dare to talk again as well after scolding an and be beside depressed ground to looking at together ten thousand swords.
"Seedling Jiang!"Together ten thousand swords heavily sighed tone:If seedling Jiang someone said words like this in the past, that he settled however will be this words as a big joke of a day,, but Be getting more different now, seven the year ago seedling Jiang Gu the mother was born,, connect old Zu persons like that of green tunics have to retreat two lines.If is really a Gu the mother make moves, that Shu mountain, perhaps and really need to face to put out to send!
"Younger brother Shi!"Together ten thousand sword Tu the ground is one leaf true person who change direction a flank,
cheap hats, sink a track:"Deliver proper way treaty of alliance, consociation proper way alliance, totally resist seedling Jiang!"
Chapter 19 seedling Jiang strikes
3, say short not short, say long also not long, be good enough to let the Shu mountain sends out to information and also be good enough to let each parties parties the person come to help a boxing.But, under the seedling Jiang Gu mother's might of god, so-called proper way alliance in fact also nothing important too big action, in addition to several and Shu mountain the on good terms group come to some superiors, but other such as the Kun Lun work properly concealed temple Kong Tong wait front door parties but the parties come to a few young pupils, it is teachers inside the door to say all is closing the border, can not help each other,
Wholesale 59fifty hats, put clear is a Zhe the Gu is at the seedling Jiang mother but don't dare to come to help,!
Looking at an underneath those assistant that are sparse to pull, together ten thousand swords seem to be old
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