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gucci jackie Lin Feng feels tremendous resistance
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TOPIC: gucci jackie Lin Feng feels tremendous resistance

gucci jackie Lin Feng feels tremendous resistance 11 months, 2 weeks ago #70822

  • bagyfbsj07
"Burst"ing is a , Lin Feng all over upsurge a spirit strength,, immediately white fog outside put and start to support a round and smooth Xuan spirit cover,,
gucci jackie, Xuan's annoying a cover is like the clear water of motion general, only the surface has some fog spirits to linger around and send out on all sides bright of white light.
"I chain body the highest point mix the corrosion that a dollar is true to annoy and then be not afraid of that weak water and really gasify Xuan now, the quality took place to turn over the variety that the sky replies ground,, these'Fu Zhang'should can not break my Xuan spirit cover,"
Lin Feng's speed doesn't reduce to flee to go toward the cave inner part, a black fog lingers around of"abyss blood Fu" then shout one instigated wing to round to come up,
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"The Jie Jie Jie Jie……"
The blood Fu continuously bumps the shot annoys to cover outer circle in the Xuan and send out Pa in the close Mao that the rain-storm inherits a window voice, however mix a dollar Xuan spirit(mix true gasification Xuan of dollar after of title) finally is too strong, connect those black"Fu Zhang"s that leave and don't spread dense knot, can not break its very small amount, either!
A pair of doubles Shan wears small eyes of red light to annoy a cover to outside send out greedy ray of light in the Xuan, the abyss blood Fu imitated a Buddha to also realize that Lin Feng is a big tonic, a fights to be the first to bump shot since then and annoy Xuan the cover round airtight no air goes throughly,,, Lin Feng feels tremendous resistance, and the speed was unexpectedly livinged to drag along down, immediately bogged down,
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The peace or chaos that thoughts of the Ting in week, Lin Feng's in the mind upsurges an unknown fire.
"Is that you seek dead by yourselves!"
The Xuan spirit covers inside the white only a burst of twinkle, white light through the body of blood Fu, imitate Buddha clairvoyance general, can see the blood of the full stomach and the blood vessel of the fluxion.Suddenly, the Xuan spirit cover marvellous variety happens,
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"Gu Gu ……"
The voice that is like a water current to flow out,, suddenly, that the hard matchless Xuan spirit cover just became to glue dense but motion, the Xuan spirit was like the clear water of one regiment oddity and started transforming, abyss blood the Fu entirely wrapped up together with"Fu Zhang"!
"Can release currently of'gobble up air mass'at the right moment enough entirely gobble up you!Order so although the Fu Zhang isn't enough the chain become two rank differences spirit'black Fu smoke Luo', can also gather together enough 1/5 of base materials, stay first me don't dislike trouble as well!"
Lin Feng of the previous incarnation, to oneself the chain once led of the different spirit is generally not that warmhearted, however this present life present life, Lin Feng didn't want to waste any opportunity to strengthen real strenght!
"Gobble up air mass" abyss blood Fu
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