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TOPIC: Qin Shuang had to use frost boxing in the sky first first type

http://nikenfljerseyscheapnfl.​ Qin Shuang had to use frost boxing in the sky first first type 11 months, 3 weeks ago #6996

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See, Zhang Xiao Tian this has fun very brilliantly all alone.
Have a competition formal beginning, from Long Xiao Tian, VS Qin Shuang, .Long Xiao Tian at will of the station is over there and look seem all of whole bodies are weaknesses, but station at his opposite Qin Shuang true of feel, what stuff oneself to take the offensive there, the opponents will carry on violent backstroke.The other party's looking to seem is all flaw, but these flaws are also all fatal traps.
Qin Shuang didn't dare to literally take the offensive, the vehemence of Long Xiao Tian now made him know,, originally think roar for sky the absolute being of the alliance Long Xia Lyu and flame warrior is only what people extol, the real strenght is also only so-so a how great mistake.
In fact speak of, the real strenght between Long Xiao Tian and Qin Shuang the discrepancy isn't in fact big, 2 people's biggest margin is one is thou Wu Zhe, 1 are to fix true.2 people are original and then isn't the person of a file time,, thou Wu Zhe again badly and how can fix true of opponent.Although time that says Long Xiao Tian's self-discipline isn't long,time that says Long Xiao Tian's self-discipline don't forgets Zhang Xiao Tian to teach to his can be said to be top-class of achievement method, although because the date of self-discipline is still short,, the self-discipline comes out of the energy is on the amount combine not much, but far and far isn't a sky on the quality,, the frost boxing can compare,
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Is helpless next, Qin Shuang had to use frost boxing in the sky first first type, frost breeze rushes toward noodles, this type is a sky, the primer recruit type of frost boxing,, use to backlog frost spirit.Is very quick on the right boxing that time Qin Shuang grips of knot last the 1 F ice frost,
NFL Jerseys From China, look is like a fist drive ice frost to freeze, an in fine threads algidity continuously of whence come out,, Long Xiao Tian can feel, surroundings of the temperature rushed toward to lower a lot a while in the noodles in Qin Shuang's this type frost breeze, as if be blazing hotly walking into the felling of frozen room a while from the street in summer.
"Frost is cold to embrace a month" seems the backlog arrived enough algidity, Qin Shuang used frost boxing in the sky right away second type cold frost to embrace a month.Sees him fierce on flicking a right boxing, the cold frost strength cyclone of a half month form turns to hurtle to Long Xiao Tian.
Cold frost that"flame shield" faces to right against the face rush toward to come embraced Long Xiao Tian in month to slowly raise right hand, a side coagulated to°from the flame of the shield appear at his before the body, cold frost strength spirit of a half month form of "bang" bumps the top that the shot arrived flame shield, result both cancel out each other and all disappeared.
The this time matched to look 2 people to seem to beat a draw, but Qin Shuang is deliberately but BE,
Buy new era caps online, but Long Xiao Tian just at will of on waving hand,, Qin Shuang knows in fact and a first round he has already lost.
"The Xiao in frost knot, the frost and snow falls thick and fasts."For saving bad situation, Qin Shuang used frost boxing in the sky right away third type and fourth type.
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