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Han Shuo knows to see appearance just of on recruiting Fu Long Zhan, should be especially the orchid gram the Si Dou spirit expended about, hence immediately tie up a body to close to orchid gram especially Si, a burst of strike and kick wildly to bomb over deep-fried,
In the gloomy forest is difficult to ask for of especially orchid gram Si, now body continuously serious wound, unexpectedly and on the contrary became weak.Drive Han Shuo's so a chain of attacks, what to beat is to continuously and suddenly and violently back, keep till the last a Lie Ju to keep to pretty stand hereafter noodles to pour.
"Etc.!"Re- grasped Lu evil Feng at Han Shuo,, intended to take advantage of an opportunity be over orchid gram especially Si life of time, his sudden Zhang Kou obstruct, then stares at Han Shuo to say:"No matter you come to gloomy forest for the sake of what, I can help you.In fact we originally had no what can not dissolve of old grudge, be just for the sake of a pair heads Long Shen's war booty just, this in fact isn't very precious."
Especially orchid gram Si so on saying, Han Shuo is careful on thinking quite so,, at the beginning Han Shuo of so begin first be don't wish to be threatenned intimidation,, want now will especially the orchid gram Si kills in fighting,
new era caps on sale, also is for the sake of eradicate completely behind an orchid gram the revenge with possible Si is especially.Truely speak of, Han Shuo with especially the orchid gram Si in fact and basically has no great enmity.
Walk to arrive orchid gram especially the in front of the Si, the Lu in the hand the evil Feng Be suddenly downwards malicious to put every where,
custom nfl jerseys cheap, at especially the orchid gram Si kill a hoggish and sad and shrill voice in, laying up of Han Shuo's cruelty Lu evil Feng,
The Lu that put every where evil Feng, difference bucket at especially orchid gram Si the vital part of two hands two feet, although be unlikely to result in fatal injury, can't influence,, either orchid gram especially Si hereafter of fix for and real strenght,, in a short time especially orchid gram Si absolutely there is no opportunity bringing any threat to Han Shuo,
"Is very sorry, because you are more dangerous, I think so just be reliable."Han Shuo Song shrug shoulders nature of say, after, just stare at a Zi tooth mouth of especially orchid gram Si, smile to speak up:"I think that we can discuss well now, if I don't kill you,, what can you help me?"
" ……, See gloomy forest of appearance inside, again many an enough cold of evil monster hunter, ha ha!"Painfully groaned first for a while, then whole body softly especially orchid gram Si, incredibly neurotic cachinnation get up, just he the distress kind set off his burnt paste hair now, the facial expression is unspeakable awkward difficult see.
"To want to live a life do you give me a little bit more honest and tell me what you can help me?"Han Shuo hopes an orchid gram the Si smile an inquiry way especially.
"That I want to ask the purpose that you come to gloomy forest deep place first, exactly for the sake of what?"Especially the orchid gram Si air has no of panic, although in
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