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Enter a treasure, grow a history to have the good omen thing the matter,"Li Si rather and mysteriously a smile:"Minister enters,, the treasure of non- astrologer good omen, it is 1 to is a national treasure,"Say hold from the big Xiu one square copper box, " this is soldier's book of Wei Liao, give minister generation to enter."The Ying government hands answered, there are interrogative several centses in the vision of surprise:"The Wei Liao can go into a temple at any time, does the not necessary such generation enter?"Li Si Dao:"Wei Liao says that treating Wang Guan has an interview with again to talk about a soldier behind,
Wholesale 59fifty hats.Or the well-known scholar grasp sex also,
cheap football jerseys 2013, minister as well not and very."The Ying government says with smile:"The Wei Liao goes into Qin, the world focuses attention, and Wei's country can't easily give up.Long histories much much last heart,
Cheap NFL jerseys store, can not teach Wei Liao and do Zheng Guo once,
wholesale mlb hats."Li Si Yi's arch hand way:"Gentleman up break clearly!Wei the country chronic illness is very deep, the minister doesn't dare the gist."
Li Si Yi walks, the Ying government immediately and urgently can not need ground to open 《the son of Wei Liao 》 .
The square browses a short moment, the Ying government then started to leave den.And go to Zhao Gao a head of sweat the ground return to Wang Cheng to be on duty, the Ying government has already been not in the big den.Zhao Gao is clever abnormality, don't ask to be on duty a maid as well, secret room immediately found out east to be partial to bring up the rear, Qin Wang indeed as expected in the official records front devoted to one's dutiesly exhibition book surmise.Zhao Gao Yi makes a sound, immediately the beginning adds charcoal for Liao stove, and start cooking tea at the same time.After, a short moment's two charcoal fires of big Liao stove are red and bright, the Yan tea subtle fragrance also fills the air to open, the spring is cold to show Yin more of the cold secret room is immediately warm and delightfully fresh.Is the whole to is ready, Zhao Gao silently had no a ground to kitchen to go.Again after being a short moment, Zhao Gao again silently have no the voice come back.There is iron on the Liao stove, wear a pottery bottle on Wei of iron, iron roasts two very thick pot of Kuis beside.Overestimates quantity to get a goal nowise bad, Qin Wang has been having no a secret room and day and night immerse oneself in a book case to at a stretch finish reading 《the son of Wei Liao 》 .Until match book, Ying government just with avidity the 咥 descended a bottle of fatty sheep braise to roast with 2 yellowish brown pot of Kui.
"World one soldier book,
discount new era cap,!The only fatty sheep pot Kui can go together with also!"
Listen to Qin Wang Han Chang's laughter, Zhao Gao also Hey Hey Hey not as well happy.
"Smile very!"The Ying government intentionally dips down a face, " immediately knows a president of association history,, the tonight visits Wei Liao."
Hi of a , Zhao Gao is missing shadow of human figure.
A《the son of Wei Liao 》 set alight a light Yan flaming torch in young Qin Wang's at heart.
Start from the in a little moment, the Ying government is cool to study so much the Xi Wu Liang Jian's matter, theory studies, the independence is a prince, and the Ying government would is the frequent caller of Wang Cheng ancient works database.And go to ascend the throne Qin Wang falsely for nine years, the Ying government more and widely wades various son of world 100,
new era, even though is those is spreading and didn't°yet already set of engrave an origin,
Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, Ying government also such as hungry thirst the ground beg Suo to come to hand to sign Ma Du to finish.For the world soldier's book, the Ying government has usually private's son can not compare of cheerful flavor.The autumn of the spring fights a country of 《grandson 》 ,, 《Wu Zi 》 and 《Sun Bin's art of war 》 ,
new era style hats,, is also that he usually browses most
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