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Username Password: Remember me hereafter calling wanting."A pair lord tested to remind Li Shen Guang.
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TOPIC: hereafter calling wanting."A pair lord tested to remind Li Shen Guang.​w-Era-Hats.htm hereafter calling wanting."A pair lord tested to remind Li Shen Guang. 11 months, 4 weeks ago #6766

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Li Shen Guang, be dynasty famous official, gift department still book.
Although this time is show just win raise the person's country and try, be not raise the private in the person of will try, because is the section of jade capital city and test, no trivial matter, plus imperial government to the section test particularly value, and show just to raise a person this closes,,, pass wear private Shen is free of tax this, so sent big member of imperial government to be used as a section and test an examiner.
"H'm?Has everyone's testing an officer already had the book son to recommend to come up?"
Hour arrive noon, Li Shen simply estimating to touch among them have the show of thoughts in writing quick in action just have been already handed in an examination papered, then ask underneath testing of each building officer.
"Each buildings all have finished book son to hand over up."
A few pairs test an officer to hurriedly run to come in, Zhang Juan Zi in the handle knob embraces to come up and tears apart to seal completely, spreads on the table and lets Li Shen only watch.
"H'm?This greatly talks a kind and justice gift method and looks like impartial and flicks to scold square Qiu, but resolute and firm wood Na near Ren, say big truth in the mouth of,
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Li Shen simply seeing several articles all shakes and takes out the article to the part.
Flank of the pair lord test to also move over here to see and shake, these settle for falling book.
"H'm?Good word!"
Suddenly, Li Shen only saw an article, the record of writing works properly if fly, immediately order, and then looking at a breaking of article,, "the heart of saint emperor, only and falsely and the ability is also."This, lightly clapped to descend table, " good, like an only and falsely ability, my generation studies, first essentials sincerity, the heart is truly unselfish, natural gift method, creation integral whole."
This article nature is a Hong easy of, examiner, Li Shen, only the person of Li Shi's school of thought, this article of his, absolutely wrote the in the mind of the other party, from not the winner test shot stanza not to praise highly.
And Hong the easy form of written is a mimicry Amitabha through through text,
custom NFL Jerseys, the record of writing gives people's felling very supple, relaxed, the but again isn't that kind of the Mei bone show soft form of written, is it may be said sturdy and graceful,, vibrant.
"Adult Lee is the strictest however, hardly have the article that the shot stanza praises highly."
"This section tested first to perhaps settle down."
The pair lord on all sides tests to see Li Shen only shape like this, all in succession whisper, gather together to come up to watch to, on seeing record of writing, also all shout bravo.
"Who is this examinee ?The resume report comes up."See satisfied place, Li Shen only and unavoidably inquires 1.
"This Hong is easy, the son of the Hong adult of Wu Wen Hou."
Early had a pair lord to test to report Hong easy resume to come up.
"The son whom Wu Wen Hou Hong protects too much,,"Li Shen Guang's eyebrows is wrinkly wrinkly.
"Adult Lee carefully talks,,
Want to buy cheap NFL jerseys, Wu Wen Hou in yesterday with an upward exposure, have already been sealed to change for too teacher, hereafter calling wanting."A pair lord tested to remind Li Shen Guang.
"H'm."Li Shen only tooked a look book son in the hand and hesitated for a while, short cut:"This of purpose,
Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, all of record of writings is best, I see and then settle for how is first?"
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