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TOPIC: take this as glory.

http://nikenfljerseyscheapnfl.​ take this as glory. 11 months, 3 weeks ago #6739

  • bagyfbsj07
, Four greatest guilds and red relation of the country more such as honey in adjust oil, answer mutual treaty of alliance.Connect to take,, even concealed Long Cheng and red relation of of the country also has an improvement.Although still"hostile" relation, but carry from the most descending of the "hostile" relation, rises to topmost carry,
cheap nfl jerseys from china free shipping, is almost, will get away from "hostile relation".
In addition to the big guild of concealed Long Cheng Si, some guilds of other lord cities, because"begin quickly" also captured a few guilds to halt ground, small have result.But compare with a red country, and the big guild of concealed Long Cheng Si, differ too far, can say to is a small sorcery to see a big sorcery.
But after,
Baltimore Ravens jerseys, this service's red country at conquer a game in, is more like the sun at high noon.With weak shot strong, not only captured a system lord city, but also let other system lord city, can not strike back
Although, numerous players all don't already praise highly to the red country, connect a red the common member of the country, also be complacent for this, take this as glory,
But, at the moment, at red the summit conference of the country up, broke out an unprecedented issue, connect a red of owning the end power to make decisions always,, also encountered to publically query
()The net visits of super and red

314, dispute
The net visits of super and red 5200
314, dispute
The focus problem of everyone's issue is how to handle the big East Asia empire that is build up by the black dragon.
The opinion that waits NPC according to the black old commander-in-chief, directly send army to step the big East Asia empire even according to biting the opinion that the soul deicide waits a person, immediately send a soldier, destroy big East Asia empire
Connect in normal times in belong to admire day one clan of quiet river,
Lancel Outlet Shop, at this time also with emotionally wrought up look Gao Han, "put out this impish son that helps donkey for day"
Seem,, in treating the problem of big East Asia empire, the red country key figures come to an unprecedented of unified,
But at this unified in the middle, have a voice of on bed terms crab, voice isn't other people, is exactly red meeting president of association, red country country lord, red,
Red not the assertion destroy big East Asia empire now, but accept big East Asia empire up hand over of"protection fee", and sell toward the big East Asia empire various strategic supplies with make big East Asia empire, can continue to extend.Certainly, prior condition BE,
sale Cucci bags, big East Asia empire in addition to to red country up hand over "protection fee" of a huge sum of, but any big East Asia empire strikes against down of site, have half, all hand over to a red country, become a red the territory of the country.
Almost all people all to the assertion of red, put forward the protest of mightiness.
The black old commander-in-chief waits NPC, because of this
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