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TOPIC: he more feels that the crisis is deeply heavy.​era-caps-online.html he more feels that the crisis is deeply heavy. 11 months, 1 week ago #60828

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, By that time again put together with old way ratio true spirit,, see a whose attraction larger and then went, he pours is don't believe open gold Dan to fix for of true the spirit still can not win against an only inborn superior, just don't absorb that one personal talented individual good, does he still want to solve a chain sub- method!
Sometimes the affair is so strange, cloud floats in the sky to want that letting the true spirit turn to°from the helix is even slow, very not easy the contrary attain, but wanting to change to revolve a direction revolves, on the contrary simple.Needs original press the clockwise movement inside the body of the gold Dan stired to go for a while toward opposite side.
Saying is certainly easy, this stirs to also need certain technique, otherwise doing not say can turn, even if get hurt to go off accidentally is not an impossible matter either.Cloud floats in the sky try along while, just used to cut off strong mentality to change gold Dan a trap, make it press the direction movement of oneself's will.
Indeed as expected, after changing a way of true spirit although also return be regarded as spiral form movement,, have already no longer been that kind of offensive of, but is revolving to form an eddy.
When cloud floats in the sky luck to rise true annoy, feel whole body blood vessels of true annoy to all just remit to gather toward pubic region, would be a ground of top of those dust fine sands all at to the body concentration,
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Cloud floats in the sky exultation in heart,
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Chapter 16 Is anti- to rush toward
On the second day in early morning, that took Hong two blue old men to come.
A pair old man is these days of to seem to be subjected to many bitternesses,, although have already arrived inborn state, cloud floats in the sky to see now of they completely have no one silk inborn generosity of spirit manner had by superior, on the contrary give people with the in most distressed felling.
Cloud floats in the sky a to see great anger and thinks that two of him really are subjected to molestation and loudly drink a way:
"Old way, you did what, how to become so this a pair old man?"
A pair old man completely because he just arrives this place of, if really suffer from injury, cloud's floating in the sky can't feel at ease during a lifetime.
"Hey Hey, nothing important, you not is worry two of him's peace or chaos, I just take them to come to see you."
The old way milli- inattentively says and seem a pair old man the treatment like this is completely normal, in fact also no wonder that, difficult don't become an old way of does the person who grasps back still need to treat for the guest of honor,
However old way heart in also have no inattentive felling at 1:00, tell the truth, more think for these two days the behavior floating in the sky cloud, he more feels that the crisis is deeply heavy.
The attitude wanted cloud floats in the sky is also like prisoner?Ordinary people is under this kind of circumstances,
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