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cheap louis vuitton bags but only have sky dynasty of whole real strenght become strong
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TOPIC: cheap louis vuitton bags but only have sky dynasty of whole real strenght become strong

cheap louis vuitton bags but only have sky dynasty of whole real strenght become strong 11 months, 2 weeks ago #60761

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Start to hand cold jade and cherish Yun 2 people, 41 geniuses of close behind behind also the station also get up,
cheap louis vuitton bags.
The "little lord in the door, sorry,
lancel bucket bag, at the beginning ……" cold jade hasn't finished saying, Qin Zi Feng put to put a hand and said with smile:"The business in past makes him past, this doesn't depend me a , but our joint effort, would have result like this, so we should solidify more and work hard more hard,
lancel uk, so day toward woulding change strongerly in our hand, you have to remember 1:00, sky toward doing not is a person or one part of persons of, but everyone of.If a person is again strong, that wait he to fly a sky after rising toward also becoming weak, but only have sky dynasty of whole real strenght become strong, so, sky toward willing be to become a myth, one lets the fairyland owner hear'sky dynasty'two words all will respectfully rise respect of myth,
lancel mens!"If Qin Zi Feng encourages public and deeply get into permanence in the brain of 41 present geniuses.
"Become strong and become strong!"Together 41 geniuses voice shouts,, the close behind field is outside sky of dynasty of the others also follow to shout,
lancel mini flirt, a way'become strong'of the battle cry voice spread in green square in the door ……
Present no one makes a noise arrestment, because they are all shocked, shock Qin Zi Feng's leadership and coagulate dint, they deeply believe after the this time words of Qin Zi Feng, these geniuses of dynasty in the sky in the future will become let the whole fairylandses shock of super strong,!
Qin Zi Feng passes by really don't know he is that words in times before, after some years, these people will become dynasty's strongest backing in the sky and depend on their letting a sky toward always keeping that kind of detached in the fairyland of position.
Huge on the stage, Chiu Ling Feng smiles don't lift have much happy,
lancel handbags official website, hoping of concussion embrace into 42 geniuses of one regiment in the field, these geniuses will be a sky the dynasty grows of root,
"Finished and finished, the gold 紌 teacher, the Xuan is green to let you down, the green door is in the Xuan in the green hand not only throw away an of first genius, team, connect a front door parties also will drive the sky is toward outstripping."The Xuan green big emperor has been able to imagine to connect down at this time, dynasty in the sky of rising,, then the one-step one step send Ao a life time, Hong door, immediately after would be a green door crowded drop, become fairyland the biggest super group, can easily imagine by the brains of Xuan green big emperor day toward willing make him hand over to the position of first group,, but he have no the slightest way.
On that day toward celebration very long after, is taken by each parties Zhang door the 2nd arrive 300 geniuses get into a big palace and select by examinations a fairy machine.
Under the vision of whole field adoration, Qin Zi Feng after traversing Feng confabulation then takes with Chiu first imperial concubine's beauty's 3 people to fly toward the housing
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