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sac lancel 1er flirt the result of this ambush is still pretty big of
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TOPIC: sac lancel 1er flirt the result of this ambush is still pretty big of

sac lancel 1er flirt the result of this ambush is still pretty big of 11 months, 1 week ago #60720

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In the border,
sac lancel 1er flirt, the result of this ambush is still pretty big of, so-called harm it ten rather break it a , monster the person's 10,,000 wolves ride the soldier in the middle of decisiving battle with central soldier although great victory, also damaged a lot, again reduce a member 2,000, presumably also leave 671000 people now.
Swallow these 2,000 people for the sake of the one mouthful, Chen Jian Xin feeling near lightly ride the words troops of camp shortage, just let to visit to ride a camp to dismount three wars, visiting to ride a soldier the flexibility is most important but doesn't develop at all, this be regarded as what, with already of short, offend long others, in really not Zhi.
Secretly the "was mainly still too anxious ……" Chen Jian Jing comes to himself/herself.
"Yi cloth chief, how to do our next move,
lancel usa?"Obtained the great victory like this adds pleased top eyebrow in Delhi slightly and excitedly asks a way,
These are 2,000 monster person's wolfs to ride, the fighting strength basically isn't those 5,000 robber regiments to compare, paid a very small price to obtain so big results in battle, this absolutely was a dark black army corps establishment unprecedented great victory, also no wonder that the owners all peeped out smiling face,
lancel romania.
"Sweep battlefield?"Chen Jian Yi smiles to ask a way.
"Sweeping yes and already is clean ……" adds Delhi to say with a smile, "all arrowses of projections have been already recalled, worth money thing and material have been already taken away ……"
"The soldier who dies in battle also buried ……" says that adding the voice of Delhi is deep and low to come down.
Chen Jian's in the mind is one pain, these soldiers all spend devote major efforts the spirit training come out of, dark black army corps each person is a baby,, damage an all make Chen Jian don't already deplore greatly.
"Is alas …… this all blames me ……" Chen Jian self-reproachly says.
The "this doesn't blame you, Yi cloth chief ……" strange Ao favour makes a noise to comfort to say,, "the war always accompanies with death, we obtained so big victory, the dead was also worth ……"
"Thank you, strange Ao ……" Chen Jian stretched hand to clap the shoulder of clapping the strange Ao and immediately said towards adding Delhi, "ride the barracks mows the monster person's ear down, give gram the Shi section man commander-in-chief report soldier achievement go, then rest whole for a while, set out right away ……"
"Is ……" adds Delhi to sign just and respected a gift, right away issue on order go to.
The tiger crazy troops leave emperors all only have 100 many inside,
lancel handbags in uk, but now,
sac lancel pas cher, they came to a stop.
"Have not come back,"Tiger wildly and uneasily the degree come to degree to go to, a close soldier who ask nearby says.
"The reporting army corps is long, haven't come back ……" close soldier's honesty answers a way.
The tiger crazy in the mind is one Lin, "can't, incredibly haven't come back?Is just several 100 even the battle armors didn't wear of the mankind ride just, the soldier tidy up they so difficult?"
" They drive 100,
louis vuitton taschen outlet,000 mankind soldier
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