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throwback nfl jerseys "Go
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TOPIC: throwback nfl jerseys "Go

throwback nfl jerseys "Go 11 months, 3 weeks ago #5883

  • mcqvcujyh28
Work a brigade,, this name to sound Xuan, in fact is a text work regiment to add to publicizee a brigade.
This meeting, Zhao Xin Yi's major is been getting several ten female soldiers of spy brigade to stand the theatrical stage is last to chorus the song of "200 brave men"s, this song is a treasure mountain when the camp defend with a last-ditch attempt four lines of warehouses a youth writer Qu exclusively composes for the treasure mountain camp of, the lyrics is generous, compose a song stalwart, it is more moving to sing, let people have a boiling passion.
A song sings, Zhao Xin Yi just returned to backstage,, had a female soldier walk come in,,
throwback nfl jerseys,, mysterious tunnel of Xi Xi:"Captain, the trip is in the town in back that old Huai tree is inferior you."
"Trip?"The startled way of Zhao Xin Yi, " etc. I?"
"H'm shout."The female soldier catches Xia tunnel,, " trip a person, guard's members didn't take."
A short moment upsurging one regiment Fei on the Qiao face of Zhao Xin Yi is red, however soon she releases however, although it is said she the heart bottom don't lack good will to the man of Yue Wei, can the relation between the man of Yue Wei and Liu Xin after all already public,, still have American woman with that female bandit is also not clear, Zhao Xin Yi would not like to again the Chan go to with arrive in this complicated feelings eddy.
Is the man of Yue Wei carrying on the back to be smoked by big tree when Zhao Xin Yi arrives at that old Huai tree bottom.
The man of Yue Wei obviously already the pleasing to listener is Zhao Xin Yi to come from the step voice,
new era, at that moment the head don't return to tunnel as well:"Come?"
Zhao Xin Yi slightly H'm a , and then concern tunnel:"Trip, you have no desire for tobacco again, this smoke doesn't take out, not good."
"Go, that doesn't take out."The man of Yue Wei at that moment chokes to put out cigarette butt and soon after turns round to turn head, sharp look in the eyes dead straight the sting entered Zhao Xin Yi's beautiful and pure big eyes inside and said very in earnest, "reporter, we treasure mountain the trip run into bother, and is a very big trouble, now only you can help us to get away from a predicament"
"I?"A short moment Zhao Xin Yi's corner of mouth Zhan rises together beautiful radian.
The man of Yue Wei facial expression but become matchless serious, soon after stretching hand to compare one again is eight signals, the tone dignifiedly asks a way:"Reporter looking at my eyes, please tell me,, are you actually the person who isn't there,"
See the signal that the man of Yue Wei stretch hand to compare eight, Zhao Xin Yi immediately peeped out one silk in beautiful eyes small of fluster,, the momentary unexpectedly doesn't dare to face Yue Wei man sharp like the look in the eyes of knife,, although Zhao Xin Yi is a firmness of**warrior, can she is after all just a young girl about 20 years old, suddenly drive so on forcing, the man of Yue Wei immediately exposed a farcing.
Yue Wei man corner of mouth immediately the Zhan have a silk smile and say by matchless and sincere tone:"Reporter, you must definitely help us the treasure mountain to travel this time
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