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Of topic, but from previous and the dialogue of Niang, become someone.Be to realize very long and very long red dress when oneself misses him too much suddenly one Zheng, the You You sighs 1.Be really can't, and then come ……she helplessly thinks,
However since it is so ……the pure white and slender finger in the sky round a turn and originally be calm to have no wave lake water that is pure to see bottom to immediately turn over book to rise a person of high, close behind, then present a person's outline ……
The red dress Chi Chi ground looking at, corner of mouth light Yang.
This is the Yuan aunt Ji teach to her method, is very useful.Didn't while missing him, she comes right away here and turns his mirage, the ground of Chi Chi looking at and ownly long for by solution of bitterness.
Have no Yuan the shocking ground looking at at present of the act, that water formation of own unreal image, surely make him shocked.However, at present this just looking at his mirage and then peep out satisfy smile the beauty of dimple, but make him love, again some angry.He silently closes to,, didn't slow down a step intentionally, but don't know whether red dress because pay attention to mirage too much, unexpectedly and all the slightest don't realize.
Until he the long arm is one Lan, tightly embrace she in the bosom."Since miss so me,
new era style hats, so the ability is cruel don't come to seek me?You know, have I already missed you more,
Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys?"
He feels that person's son in the bosom is immediately all over stiff.The mirage of that water formation also immediately dissipation."Have no Yuan?"Her voice trembles.
"BE, is me."He is low to loiter to answer, embrace her hand tight again tight.Is true, he finally embraced her again.
How ……possible.
The red dress doesn't dare to believe a ground of Chen big Mou, at the same time, the tears rolls to fall from the eye socket.
"I miss you and miss you so much,, these seven in the last yearses all the time be not missing you,, think heart all pain.Red dress, why want to leave, not is to once promise me, wanted forever a heel I am together of?"He shuts to fix attention on,
Cheap Cucci Handbgas, feel she re- returns to she's happiness, pleasedly not ability oneself, the red dress seems to be really to frighten silly,
MLB baseball jerseys, all very long didn't make a noise.He smiled low several voices, "calculate, you didn't want to answer to don't also relate to,
cheap mlb hats free shipping, anyway I found out you, after, forbid to leave me again."
The red dress blinked to wink and with difficulty found back own voice, difficultly openings:"……You how, will come?"
"Seek the wife whom I escape a house to return to."Had no Yuan to smile, finally loosenned to open oneself tightly solid her hands.But is turn her to come over and face oneself.Hope that some other day to think the Mou son that the night thinks,, he heavily exhales tone, deep feeling way:"Let her give birth to a heap of kid for me."
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