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TOPIC: this matter after

http://mlb-new-era-hats-shop.w​ this matter after 11 months, 3 weeks ago #5735

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Miss, in fact what I want to ask BE, would you like to marry o of xi ǎ ?" The white Rui eyes immediately gleamed a j ī ng light, however Xu Fang Shi knows that she basically has no Wu Neng, the this j ī ng only allows square the private's words touch she buries in mind of hope. "Your eyes tell me that you think, this you need not deny."Xu Fang Shi rubs Sai to sink y í for son n for a while, way:" In now,, I manage a wedding for you how?" "?"White Rui a surprised, way:"Eldest brother the condition of the injury is so heavy now, how can I have this viewpoint, invite a person to his treatment, I hear that the kings all have a square private can depart from this life of the person save to live, I now seek …" Xu Fang Shi puts a hand and blocked white Rui,, way:"White miss, in fact I am a square private, blaming me just has never explained the words the white is such with you, the wound of o of xi ǎ ,, medical treatment have, Be just method …" "How?"White Rui eyes be a bright, holding tight Xu Fang Shi's arm is to grasp to help rice straw generally, dead dead of don't let go of.Override the abyss of time

Chapter 120 saves to cure Zhao Bo Jun
Override the abyss of time 5200 Chapter 120 saves to cure Zhao Bo Jun Xu Fang Shi has martial ability of the person isn't concerned her strength naturally and pacify good white Rui after, difficult way:"This is I why the reason that you find out to come here,, the affair is such ……" Allow square the private originally want to let to allow Qing if come to say,, but allow Qing like this own nv son, always can not toward own nv son speaks these words, so allow a square private cast aside an old face to come to say in person, say also more clear, the only treatment method is continuously and together together a building, and is a building, only have so, again match the Dan y à o of strength, so as to thoroughly drive out the energy of surplus inside the body of Zhao Bo Jun.WwW.xunSHU,
Nike NFL Jerseys, The white Rui face s è again becomes abashed red,
cheap hats, the Jiao y à ny ù drop of, Xu Fang Shi cans not demand a somebody else, either, way:"White miss,, so, you still have half xi ǎ o of consideration time, half xi ǎ o after must reply for me, I again think an another way." "I promise" White Rui had already worked well decision right after Xu Fang Shi wanted to walk, Xu Fang Shi sighs tone, way:"That pain you, this matter after,, I am old to allow certain give you breeze scene light of hold a wedding." "The many thanks allows an uncle, although this way have a little …however I think that eldest brother will be definitely
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