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TOPIC: Lan son I will ……assist his.You go

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Sung worn to continuously cough far mountain way:" Teacher he ……can not arrive Wu Dang Shan to choose a new Zhang door again?"
Sung is natural and sad on smiling, the but again didn't don't speak proudly a way:"I senior 2 younger brothers and sun and moon teach or so protect a method, four major sky of king, eight greatly protect to teach the emissary how to open fight 12 hours,, not only killed to is right the bright month that your shot harm to protect a method, but also contused white bird king and fire Feng for sky king in the sky, make them two can not come out to do mischief in three months, you teacher Sung the far mountain also at last die it!Ha ha!"
The genius Lan looking at Wu far mountain of Sung that the mouth stem coughs and cachinnation not only Sung is natural, full of in the eye sorrow,, his hands blue vein suddenly and violently Tu, on the face because sorrow already pale have no blood-red color, the body also starts fluttering,
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Tang Shan Er quickly comes forward to hand the genius Lan, this time, Sung far mountain the big cough a black blood, then he seemed to be suddenly to recover from illness, put on to put on the blood that the corner of mouth remains, say to the genius Lan:"You slice to record,
Nike NFL Jerseys, this time general assembly's end finals of time must watch out for,, the sun and moon absolute being teaches leftover evil however linger on, lift not rise surge, but, they above someone ……definitely also appear a superior to help the Zhou as Nie when the time comes, so you must protect emperor and emperor too the safety of , they are that I am greatly clears stable sill.The person whom the little wood sends has been not dependable,, even if is Wu Dang Pai's others I don't dare to promise as well, only you, only have you ……remember ……"say here, the Sung far mountain seems to be again have no energy, he miserably smiles for a while, the noodles is like gold paper, hopes natural toward Sung, suppress a last words:"Help me …… return ……"
The one breath that Sung is natural to looking at an oneself younger brother will soon swallow bottom,
Baseball Caps, he sighs in sorrow a way:"You trust, Lan son I will ……assist his.You go!"
The Sung far mountain stretches out a hand and wants to touch the hair of genius Lan, the genius Lan quickly gathers together up, however, stretch to half of arms,, suddenly nerveless fall in, took Sung of far mountain the last silk of animation, the genius Lan looking at the face of teacher smiles, don't feel breathed to leave two lines of tears.
Sung is natural Sung the far mountain wear a sword solution bottom and cautiously fasten in the genius Lan waist, the language center of gravity is long ground of to say:"If you are good friends with to remember far mountain so much, don't be ungrateful to his expectation, your natural intelligence, big river's lake, anyplace and greatly can go to, but want to frequently fix inside the achievement, I take far mountain to return to old house a , soon come back,"
The genius Lan puts on tears, order, towarded the body of teacher to do obeisance three to do obeisance.Then looking at Sung natural the far mountain embracing Sung leave,, a words sobbing could not say as well.
Sung is natural rightness of to is public to say:"Many friends who should is all Lan son to lead a life, the wound of Lan son handed over to everyone."
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