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lancel online "Come
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TOPIC: lancel online "Come

lancel online "Come 11 months, 2 weeks ago #34617

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Nao head, say:"Let's still go to pleasant breeze Zhai."
Fat 2 girls after burying the Cao treasure 2 people's corpse, then and urgently and in a hurry of the dynasty pleasant breeze mountain walk,
lancel online.
The pleasant breeze mountain is a beautiful mountain, the mountain power is even slow but the body places mountain embrace in the middle.The scenery is beautiful, but livings the mountain stone of surprising form strange form.
Pleasant breeze mountain not only the scenery is beautiful, and the hill path cluster livings.Count extremely number.But truely can arrive hill path but only 1 of pleasant breeze Zhai.
Fat girl simultaneously give west the door blow snow to lead the way,
Louis Vuitton Monogram Denim, part give him the scenery in the explication mountain, whether still give west the door blow snow to speak, one two pieces legend concerning mountain stone.
Not much, 2 people then arrive at pleasant breeze Zhai.Fat girl's swagger gets west door to blow snow to walk into mountain Zhai.All the way, those small followers, not only don't attackstone them, but also hurtle a fat girl to smile to shout a way:"Fat elder sister good."
Walk to walk, 2 people met two to take charge of a black noodles tiger on the road Liu Tong.Liu Tong sees the western door blow snow unfamiliar, then ask a way:"Fat girl this is who, how do you give° him to get to come into the Zhai?"
The fat girl says with smile:"Ah, Liu Lao Er, this don't you still know?This is that the Cao is old three sends to my gift."
Liu Tong looking at west with the look in the eyes of growing the oddness door to blow snow way:"Ah, this boy still true quite good,, lo wear face, white white soft and tender true lovely.I say that you can really have a luck.You used up, don't forget to send for eldest brother.You don't loathe to give up."
Fat girl's way:"Lo you say of, I didn't this give° him to deliver?"
Liu Tong smiles:"This good, this good.You hurry up to send for eldest brother to, eldest brother should hasty."Said to put to put a hand, the meaning made the fat girl walk at once.
The fat girl is getting the west house that blow snow to without obstructionly arrive at to bend an any in the door.
Bend an any sees the fat girl get an individual to come in, then full face heap smile of say:"Fat girl,,
gucci handbags outlets, you and then deliver good thing for me."Said to point to point the seat of flank to say:"Come, sit.Fat girl your pain."
Fat girl's way:"Being not hard is mainly old Cao three their achievements, is as irrelevant as I.I just do an errand-boy."
Bend an any:"Fat girl,
Louis Vuitton Leather Purses, you when also learned condescension.This can be different from your personality."
The fat girl is blunt to bend an any to push crowded eyes to say:"Eldest brother, I have an important affair to say to you, you see us is say in house?"
Bend an any to took a look a fat girl, and then took a look west door to blow snow to say:"Fat girl, whether you had a liking for this boy.If BE, you keep saying, eldest brother I am also
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