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TOPIC: Very huge strange bird

http://lancelhandbagsonlineout​ Very huge strange bird 11 months, 2 weeks ago #34528

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Time far family, and is thorough vast wild bush, nearby again have one big cluster of companion, a heart exploration of fresh incitement's pouring is to lead more for being afraid it, is really a stupid fearlessness,
Seem the words that respond to her,, old sky of play joke on of open the fun of having the just right.
Suddenly one the huge shadow is quick but lead, start to concuss the Gang breeze of a burst of fieriness.
Everyone can not help shaking with fright and frightened to disgrace and all face upward to hesitate, huge"strange bird" that sees an overlay square number ten insides flies but leads from their sky.
Strange bird whole body aureate feather, send out gold Can Can of shining, after death trail a long reach the huge tail of counting the inside.
"Good heavens,
authentic louis vuitton bags!Very huge strange bird, not, very terrible and arrogant strange bird, , this bird Qu also the Cheng Be getting more huge!"The D flies first one hard accept the fact that this eye sees, not from marvel a way.
Indeed as expected here someone see more and know widely, don't aware of self to take the lead a derision to fly since the D of ignorance, D cloud flies first Shan to say with smile:"Fly son,, you are too poorly read and ignorant, connect one of the most violent living creatures of mainland-the big Peng birds didn't recognize out and also wanted to admire your courage at the same time, incredibly dare at the near front of this big guy'article head theory foot',"
This big Peng obviously didn't discover those small and weak living creatures of grounds, didn't even hear those"carefree speech ground language",, otherwise it will definitely the swoop come down and tore these guys that slight it to smash.
Looking at big Peng to gradually and far go, the D flies awake come over from the consternation, those who believe and follow the seer, way:"Is that big guy a legendary big Peng, ……this is also too wide of the mark, whole is one noodles open space!The legendary big Peng hands to shake nine nights and flaps wings to rise ten thousand insides, the act sky hangs cloud, absolutely too image, the fruit is not- vain words ……alas,
gucci designer handbags,!"
With the knowledge that the D flies, certainly have never seen legendary absolute being birds in the mainland of absolute being state-big Peng bird, but concerning this species of fabulous number extremely number,, legendary can peep to see its from these 12, another can also see a big Peng this kind of to the strong living creature from those fine ectypes of perfect.
The D flies to soliloquize a way:"If one day I can see with own eyes the type of the absolute being bird Phoenix or Vinaceous Rosefinch like, alas, just of the big Peng always still cannot compare with Phoenix etc,
handbag gucci. to work properly birds come good omen."
Don't know that that big Peng listenned to the words future reunion that the D flies is what feel, perhaps need not tell her"racial discrimination", direct will she"right on the spot positive · method".
Wonderful view innumerable in the cluster mountain, there is the high peak that cloud Liao fog rounds, have the strange stone Lin the stone wood of the Xun, there is also the water Ze to flow spring waterfall ……
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