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  • azgsaaag52
 "You how can anyone know am I a chief?"Li Wei is a bit surprised of looking at a male spirit, really not understand he is how can anyone know, oneself is even regiment badge all have no.
"Are not you a chief?"The male spirit is looking at Li Wei to said with the look in the eyes of same surprise, " sees to me seeking a wrong person and letting down."
Finish listenning to this sentence, Li Wei is just abrupt however understand, match this male spirit basically don't know that oneself is a chief, just confused come over something to seek.
"Wait a minute,"When the male spirit turns round to leave,
Louis Vuitton Leather Wallets, Li Wei called to live him, " I am really the chief of mercenary soldier regiment, but I want to know,, why do you want to join my mercenary soldier regiment,
louis vuitton purses?"
"Because I want to connect that task."The spirit has no the slightest of consideration, directly the openings says.
"Do you know the meaning that joins mercenary soldier?In a team, everybody is a companion, they is can trust of back hand over to whichever teammate of, this can you make?"Just the bear person adds to compare to join of time, Li Wei didn't ask this question,, but arrived spirit he but have to ask, because bear the person is a very simple and honest race, but this spirit but how see is all chilly appearance, he has to be a little bit careful.
"I can."The male spirit considered for a while and formally said, " but you can not be like those steal and hunt and grasp and catch our spirit one clan."
"If this you absolutely trust, we are also hate bitterly those steal to hunt, with lend you the reputation of the spirit one clan, I believe you,, so, you can join our mercenary soldier regiments,
louis vuitton handbags."Li Wei is happy that the strong that the openings declares a way, has a sky Class joins, how can he be not happy, besides is again such a spirit, know, the spirit can be an all born absolute being shooter.Have no lack of to far offend in their mercenary soldiers so.
"So can we take office to work?"Male spirit Li Wei just declared to complete,, then asking of no time for waiting way.
"The E also doesn't go,, now we the mercenary soldier regiment admit defeat not enough, can not take office a duty, still have to wait one more people to join just can,, however I after promising and waiting our person enough, the first answers of is the task that you say."Li Wei is some to embarrassedly answer.
"Since so,
louis vuitton handbags bloomingdales, that I again wait a minute."The male spirit ordered bottom and was like to add to compare one station at Li Wei quietly wait for a joining of new member nearby.
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