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TOPIC: battalion connect trample January battalion connect trample January 12 months ago #2926

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The sort creates dike bridge:Bridge round and stalk pillar are used hard like the green Tan wood of Jing iron, the bridge body is used uniformly of red pine, the plank is thick one the Chinese foot is 6 inches.The such wood system dike bridge even has one advantage and fold easy and convenient, march neat, four non-commissioned officers then can pull to walk.Create eight behind connect row to try out,, battalion connect trample January, unexpectedly is a milli- hair have no Sun,
Knock down, bump the heavy car of shot city gate also.Knock down car bulky fastness, the bottom installs four big rounds and push forward easy and convenient, hang a forepart that hugely bump a pole, bump a pole to install to hugely bump a head with the rope on the horizontal beam of car coping,
cheap mlb hats, the empress department rope bore can extend several thick hemp cordages.Is blunt near city gate, bodywork four capes are used a big wodden post fix, several soldiers are horizontal the hemp cordage opening 2 rows, pulling to bump after the head a department concuss to open backward and cooperate a Ye rope again forward fierce enter bump shot,
discount new era.If small city gate, usually is more than ten times then be bumped crack, the power really makes people stare.The core parts that knocks down the most difficult creation woulds be power to hugely bump a head.Central plains big country,
discount new era cap,such as Qin Wei,, together,
Wholesale NFL Jerseys, bumping the heads is all made of iron, the form is like huge pike head,, weight big body all at 56100 catties of or so, install bump a pole in the bulky circle wood up, fierce bump fierce sting, usually the timber city gate is really defenseless,
Cucci free shipping.The Yan country lacks iron and then uses to match to embrace a pine to do to bump a pole and whets into huge hammer head form to bump head(rock the too sharp easy Cui fold) with the extremely strong and tough rock dozen, weight but ratio iron pike bump a head to enlarge 100%.As soon as try out,, the power is astonishing,
wholesale mlb hats from china.Even if the sheet iron wraps up the hard city gate of as thick as one Chinese foot remaining, two cars combine to bump,
Lancel Outlet Shop, also ability at 30 bump inside bomb however open widely!
Scaling ladder,, ascends Gao Pa Cheng of have also.Ever since that time there is fortress, then there is the scaling ladder to climb fortress.《Poem · big friendship · emperor Yi 》 article jotted down scaling ladder at the earliest stage:
Original poem the gist
The emperor calls a text Wang Tian Di to hang a Xun text king
Inquire Er enemy square who is your allies
Together Er brothers you have to be like brothers similar aid to use your to climb city to fly hook and Er to face by Er hook blunt use your to face a car of blunt car with fell the Chong Yong storms Chong national capital the city is this"hook aid", would be a steps head take hook of grow up wood steps-hook a city head, the soldier climbs good luck to fly up.Week of west soldier's book 《six Taos 》s are then called to fly steps, scaling ladder.The original form system of scaling ladder is easy, a wood steps to usually lengthen to widen, take again up can pick the copper hook of steady city brick or city head the cleek is just.This kind of simple scaling ladder had been continuing till Manchu Dynasty last phase and still keep using in the soldier.But, arrived spring autumn last phase, famous work Mr. Shi loses a sort in Chu's country but invents a kind of large scaling ladder-bottom to install four big rounds,
Cheap New Era Hats, the steps personal status does two sections to fold, the steps body bottom contains the dark Xiang to conceal soldier, and the steps body stretches to reach to 5-8 Zhangs while offending city.This kind of scaling ladder is generous hard,
custom nfl jerseys cheap, can be provided as big brigade soldier the soldier climb city in a row, the power is astonishing.Fight a country initial stage,
San Francisco 49ers Jerseys Shop, several inside at first strong national capital
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