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TOPIC: behind spread one to weep over a voice. behind spread one to weep over a voice. 12 months ago #2890

  • bagyfbsj07
Put out wildfire, I walked in the past, big camp inside's still hasing curling up in the air green smoke was rising to go upward and had been too late!The not presentable son of a curl is everywhere burned into the thing of black carbon kind it is thus clear that,, all over the place is an all burnt corpse!The warriors saw this scene a lot of all to vomit on the spot.
"Is live?"Looking at an everywhere burnt corpse, I feel the stomach acid flow out to come up, strong endure and vomit of feel that I ask or so.
"Have no!"The soft-voiced way of Wang De Gui" these are to burn the dead,
Lancel Purse, still have in the behind a lot of drive smoking dead.Haven't discovered an on the hoof Xiang soldier till now!"
"Cautiously search a neighborhood!Several thousand soldiers how may be a live of also have no,
wholesale NFL Jerseys?!"Stay in the region me have already wanted to cannot help but!Quickly walked to go out."Everyone listens to!Cautiously search to still have an on the hoof person?Is quick,
discount new era hats!"Wang De Gui loudly shouts a way.
This Xiang soldier is also too cruel,
Authentic Lancel?How even ownly harm a member to also want to burn dead?!He not afraid arise mutiny?Leave a big camp far some, the burnt smelly flavor is also little in the air a lot of,
Lancel Purse, behind spread one to weep over a voice.
How, I turn head and see those be taken by the independent trip of drive capture Xiang a brave's crying is seeing the big camp that they once treated.
"This is you Xiang soldier the good matter of the stem!"Gao Fei lamely walks to the eminence to hurtle those captives to loudly say" sees!You what Xiang soldier do is what affair!?Own brothers,
cheap mlb hats from china!This the fire burn of is oneself's brothers!
Didn't you feel?!Did your superior whom you are unfeeling to looking at their you's brotherses to live a quilt kill,
Buy Fitted Hats Caps?You the Xiang soldier burn!Kill,
cheap hats!Rob!Lue!Had to once think them are also with your similar Hahn people?!Is pleased to be traitor of China ……my Pei!Saw,
wholesale cheap mlb hats!You saw!This is the favor that is a traitor of China lord the son to you!"Gao Fei angrily yells.
"Army commander!Behind discovered severals doing not died,
Lancel Handbags!"Probe a camp battalion commander Lu to run to come over to happily say."See!"I hurriedly walk toward the Xiang soldier big camp again to, Gao Fei still just there loudly of say with the captives what,
cheap hats,
The back of the big camp rounded many warriors and had already seen me coming over here the warriors a s to all step aside.The camp contains a drain after walking up a to see originally, originally is be covered by the slab of stone, the slab of stone has been already opened now.This drain this for defending to catch fire still have already made rice to use water but dig.The drain side lies four maimed Xiangs now brave.
"Army commander.Just our warrior hears here have what action, passed by an and see a detection this a few Xiangs brave to lie on the drain have already been getting more collapsed and fainted, however they haven't died,,
discount new era hats from china!Should nothing important great problem."Lu
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