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Wholesale NFL Jerseys Just entrance to cave
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TOPIC: Wholesale NFL Jerseys Just entrance to cave

Wholesale NFL Jerseys Just entrance to cave 11 months, 4 weeks ago #2860

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Think to have what baby?Is 1 rightness to break to work properly!"The white cloud looks a little bit son upset way.
Suddenly, again a ray Chi Chi ground floats to turn, the direction of dynasty white cloud is inheritted, the ray is a little bit before much stronger, kill to harm dint without can decribe, past the white cloud don't dare to have as well to anily and lightly read, the body form is uncanny on floating, then already the catching of flash across ray kill.
A spirit tablet?A spirit tablet how exaggerate?Demand so uncanny absolute being light to protect?
The white cloud curiously leans forward nearer again:", Finally saw clear, impressively write on the spirit tablet:Too Hao Fu Xi, ten thousand a life time mothercraft female Wa it works properly.Is their spirit tablets!No wonder that thus severe and uncanny?!How many 100,000 years is this separated and has never thoughts this card of working properly of the husband and wife of Fu Xi to still stay among the living?And this spirit tablet almost has no the slightest of the Fu change, the sheen remains!……Too magic!Is continuously this ray is doing mischief?!"The white cloud doesn't live ground to read a Dao way by one's own:
"Not!This is the most impossible!This ray kills to harm dint excrescent fieriness, very obvious it is to use to protect the husband and wife of Fu Xi it work properly!As for it every several 100,000 years still not putrefied, must be the thing that is another to have a treasure is protecting!"
The heart reads here, she suddenly thoughts of again, after she just entered hole, is the skeleton of many monsters, person of detection actually a son what is the row?The meeting can't be someone to get what news, hide in this hole what treasure thing, and then neglect life danger to steal a thief, the result hasn't rushed a first pass be been dead by this uncanny ray!But how can there is the fossil of monster?Meeting can't are these monsters devils?Their self-reliance has this ability by himself/herself and gets this treasure thing in the hole, so also intrude into come, can ten thousand ten thousand what to don't thought ofs BE, oneself is similar to ordinary mortal, basically rush however a pass!"
The white cloud more thinks more odd, at the moment she even oneselfs can not believe, will these guess be true?
Yes!If is such, does she suddenly feel that she has ever rushed a first pass too easily?This is basically impossible!Before the husband and wife of Fu Xi work properly, the white cloud deludes not to get its solution ……does the desire know that how is funeral affairs?Please continue to pay attention to this book plot development.
109.Volume 4 mysterious Fu Xi big absolute being-chapter 108 mysterious Fu Xi big absolute being(21)
Mount a time:Before the husband and wife of Fu Xi work properly, the white cloud easily once rushed a first pass to feel delude to don't understand to oneself ……
But this is the fact, she really once rushed a first pass.
At be apart from Fu Xi husband and wife spirit tablet about 78 Zhang far place, the white cloud starts cutting and polishing to open:"Never so, oneself can arrive at the husband and wife of Fu Xi spirit tablet in front successfully, inevitable decree by destiny with them, really want to come forward to see actually, but that Tao Kuang line too severe!How should I do?It is nothing doing to is hard to rush affirmation!Hey!Aught, the husband and wife of Fu Xi always returning is the hero of three boundaries, the mankind's emperor, I always not ability so impoliteness!Saw their spirit tablets, always should kneel down to go a gift!"
The Shan reads, the white cloud has already respectully lain prone on the ground and starts her saluting.Saluted to just complete, she was unexpectedly bright inside however felling hole many, raised a head to look about, the fright discovered, inside the hole of displayed absolutely is make people unimaginable!
What to come into view is a white jade first general waterfalls, along Be about three Zhangs apart from the spirit tablet of a far stone mountain under(spirit tablet front), hang Xie but descend, cloud if fog, wonderful go to a pole!
Waterfalls under, the water current dashes about an interest not, solemnly form an extremely sublime river, river water has a liking for go to very deep, if want to continue to run about forward, need to be taken boat the square can pass.
Suddenly previous super strong light line that has to kill to harm dint very much amazingly fast flies a Shan disease to lead from that waterfalls, engraves a seven color rainbowses of formations and far and far hopes to go, solemnly is a"intergalactic magpies bridge" inside the hole, become grand view!
When the white cloud again raises head to hope Gao, good heavens!Is unexpectedly a huge Qiong form here hole, just like the sky.
See forward again, would be each difference of appearance, the stone pillar, glacier of all sorts of strange things, dreadfully cold of, such as if stand erect general in the snow and icebound.
Compared with the front, is this absolutely another world?
The white cloud more sees more and feel oddly, is this actually a son what is the row?She is extremely excited but more is delude however!BE running to turn on all sides to, be like entered maze general, very the feeling is vacant.Temporarily and unexpectedly could not found exit:", Good heavens, how can I go out?At here foolish long meeting mistake matter of!"White cloud get excited way.
She no longer belongs to himself/herself now, she belongs to three boundaries!The outside probably still waits her to try to find solution a plan and give order to!
The white cloud is windy and rainily painful.Hence shake this to dig that everywhere, hope to find out an organization very quickly, soon and soon hole.
However,, the all these basically didn't use.Hence she however on thinking, probably salute a that can go to the husband and wife of Fu Xi spirit tablet.Hence the white cloud then and again and respectully salutes to the husband and wife of Fu Xi spirit tablet, but the big gift has been already gone and always disappears action.
Hence she again of Be getting more vacant.
"Hum!Fu Xi big hero!You am dry Yao's closing me here?You don't know three boundaries to will have a calamity!I receive master's elder sister's life and get a lake Hao guest of river generally, the desire stops this calamitous occurrence!If you if worked properly on sky and put me to go out quickly and quickly, otherwise really mistake matter of!"White cloud windy and rainy way.
"Do not I how can know?"Suddenly, a thick Hun and uncanny voice inside the hole drifts a way.
"What?……Good heavens!You BE-you are a Fu Xi big hero?Is it you that are talking?"White cloud surprise way.
"Do you think?"The that Hun thick and uncanny voice continues way.
" ……Absolutely is a son a little bit is unimaginable!Long time and space, several 100,000 years meteor sort have the ground ever rowed and really had never thoughted you to still stay in the human life field?Do you reluctant to part with human life field very much?"White cloud curious about way.
"Ha ha ha ……I am originally livinged to human life field, although my body has been corrupt and disappears,I have soul, my soul still stays in the human life field!"That Hun thick and uncanny orotund laughter dignified way,
Wholesale NFL Jerseys.
", Does the person really have soul?After dying, person's soul really God?"Interest in the white cloud the thickest way.
"Ha ha ha ……are not you learning a way?Young girl, you are still young, wait you to arrive me this age, you will certainly understand!"That Hun thick and uncanny orotund way.
"What?Is the arriving you this age?Oh ah, that must wait until how long?, So please asks you, were you how old?"The white cloud puzzles a way.
"I, ha ha ha ……cosmos have much big, I then have much old!"The that Hun thick and uncanny voice continues way.
"-Are you to just beat a careless eye with me?I only one any boundary woman, how can anyone know cosmos how big,, you since would not like to say, equal me don't ask!"White cloud vexation way.
"Ha ha ha ……have a temper!Be not I don't tell you, even if is to tell you, you can't understand, either!"That Hun thick and uncanny voice not the Yun don't anger a way.
"Hum!Don't tell let it be!Among the living, do people all provide you for the absolute being?Do you know?"White cloud tone Lang Lang way.
"H'm, know!"That Hun thick and uncanny orotund way.
"Are you very satisfied?"The white cloud keeps a way.
"Not!In fact I would not like to see these very much!This after all wants to cost my son people's money!But I can not obstruct!"The that Hun thick and uncanny voice seems to be an extremely helpless way.
"What?Are you big absolute being?Still have no way?"White cloud way.
"Have!Certainly have!But I can not obstruct!"That Hun thick and uncanny orotund way.
"Why?"White cloud way.
"Because I don't want to let my son the people isn't happy!"That Hun thick and uncanny orotund and simply way.
"That I am also your son people?"The words of white cloud if the flowing water is general, didn't exhaust.
"Ha ha ha ……this ……one day there will you will know!"The that Hun thick and uncanny orotund idea still don't exert a way.
"Hum!You don't say that I also know!Is in all the world, all is your son people!"The white cloud tone benefit cableway:"You since know three boundaries to take place turmoil, why not obstruct?"
"Ha ha ha ……the all things all have predestination!I have no right to disrupt this cosmos regulation!"That Hun thick and uncanny orotund and dignified way.
"Hum!The big absolute being is after all big absolute being!Talking is so mysterious!Can that mankind once escape this to rob?"The white cloud has never liked to annoy tunnel.
"I just had already said with you!This is the predestination!Since being a predestination then is necessarily the secrets of heaven!Being the secrets of heaven can not reveal also!"That Hun thick and uncanny voice extremely solemn way.
"Is alas!Did I still think to meet savior?Unexpectedly!Mao!Like, since you what can not leak with me, either, I why the need for bitterness does the bitterness mutually force?"White cloud light way.
Hun in"ha ha ha ……" the thick and uncanny voice Be always thin to say with smile.
"Good!What about problem?I don't want to ask and asked is also a white to ask!You I can meet today and explain that we decree by destiny!You don't want to send me to order what?Be keep as memory!Probably today after, we then can't meet again!In the days to come I if go out, also good as to it's he the sisters contain a witness and say I where where saw Fu Xi big absolute being, by that time I also glory scene!"White cloud milli- Don't mention it tunnel.
"Ha ha ha ……you ah!That good, since you put forward come, I again how good brush-off!Then said again, we still really decreed by destiny!That I send you 1 in addition to is evil to decline bewitching weapon, also help the effort that you complete your to rescue three boundaries!……This is my extremely valued, he followed behind me already and had for several 100,000 yearseses!"The that Hun thick and uncanny voice has a little son to meet delay a way.
Hua-together extremely dazzling strong light Shu however fall to the ground, the white cloud in front solemnly stands erect one handle benefit sword!Scrutinize, impressively carve four Yi Yis of"cutting a demon to decline is evil"s on the sword golden light big word.Slowly fall the style"Fu Xi" thereafter two words ……does the desire know that how is funeral affairs?Please continue to pay attention to this book plot development.
110.Volume 4 mysterious Fu Xi big absolute being-chapter 109 mysterious Fu Xi big absolute being(22)
Mount a time:Hua-together extremely dazzling strong light Shu however fall to the ground, the white cloud in front solemnly stands erect one handle benefit sword!Scrutinize, impressively carve four Yi Yis of"cutting a demon to decline is evil"s on the sword golden light big word.Slowly fall the style"Fu Xi" thereafter two words ……
Words say that a double-edged sword falls to the ground, thousand catties of huge dings, Keng however earsplitting, the golden light is ten thousand Zhangs, Yi Yi Duo person!
White cloud however delight soon and soon take this a double-edged sword thousand times.
But anticipate, her body hasn't closed to a double-edged sword half Zhang, drive that power matchless sword light strong shot body but back.
The Hun in"ha ha ha ……" thick and uncanny voice sinks a voice to say with smile.
"What do you smile?"The white cloud puzzles a way.
"I smile you to learn a way for more than several years, there is unexpectedly no chain a cool-headed and miraculous pressing spirit.To you, I have a little son disappointment and unexpectedly gain considerable fame "white cloud hole hole lord" of"float cloud three sisters" of three boundaries unexpectedly thus thought simplicity, behaviour light-minded!Is alas, the little bits are different from your teacher, I am really "the Zu of ground fairy" but feel tiny to sigh!"The that Hun thick and uncanny voice sighs a track.
"Does your self-reliance understand very much to me?"White cloud upset way.
"Can say like this!And I am very familiar with your teacher, have several thousand years of friendship!"That Hun thick and uncanny orotund way.
"?That is to say.Was you a good friend with teacher?"White cloud interrogation way.
"H'm, can say so, but can also not say so!"That Hun thick and uncanny orotund way.
"You is this what rubbish?Is ambiguous unclear!"The white cloud is a disappointing way very much.
"Ha ha ha ……this I to you need not speech much, there'll be one day you will understand!"That Hun thick and uncanny orotund way.
"Hum!Don't talk let it be!I don't want to know as well!"The speech finishes, the white cloud luck concentrates, the vision keeps staring at brightly the handle a double-edged sword before fixing attention on, dark Cun way:"Hum!Fu Xi, your self-reliance and teacher in the house spoil familiar, then understand to me too much, this miss lets your knowledge my severe!"
The Shan reads, of white cloud two jade hands has already formed one regiment white glory, the glory floats to sink to turn over along with the jade Zhang of white cloud, the Ning dint is thousand catties of, the strong breeze Nu Mao sort ground the facing a double-edged sword disease book but go, certainly want dint to pull out this handle a double-edged sword can not!
And say that Hun thick and uncanny voice, see the Zhang breeze of a hurricane sort that the white cloud hits, is send out a lowly endorse stuffy hum of voice, but have no big four exaggeration way.
But see this handle a double-edged sword while being arrived the divine power that the like this strong dint pulls out thousand Juns, the body just a little flutters few, then have instauration equanimity.
Defy in the white cloud heart, read a way:"Mao, this guy still really pretty weighs!Unexpectedly connect my dint to pull out the capabilities of "the Ning is cold to move mountains" of thousand Juns to all take it motionless!Seeing to me must be used some son power!"
But see white cloud jade a hand vain on turning over, again Ning spirit luck achievement, dark Qian power, turn a moment, again Ning rise one regiment blazing white light, that regiment white only becomes big gradually, light line rock, until the hurricane that forms one regiment tornado sort, uncanny sort ground book extremely valued sword sky.But listen to white cloud Zhu Chun Qing Qi, vernacular speech sand sand, a string of the voodoo that is hard to understand then aery Shan.
The voodoos that can not break to translate is magic so much, the white cloud reads one word each time, the regiment white light hurricane in the air then turns worse a to raise, her voice although not big, but can send out Han the Zhan that moves ground blares for sky of voice!The imperceptibly but inexorably seems this a few very strange notes and hanged up extremely mysterious strength!
"Mao!What a guy!"That Hun thick and uncanny voice not from exclaim a way.
Suddenly listen to an astounding earthquake blare, that handle a double-edged sword drive the hurricane white of white cloud only and suddenly on absorbing, suddenly rises straight from the ground, Be hanged to half empty.
Exultation in, white cloud once control breath, the body form floats however in a flash, then have already flown a body but rise, go into half empty, in the sky and only linger for few seconds, answer a double-edged sword, wellly return to at first.
The white cloud a double-edged sword is in the hand, really it may be said healthy and energetic, extremely proud of success.
But see her, the body form Jiao moves and big-heartedly trembles the dust on the body, an expression of despise, depend on to begin a medium double-edged sword of Yi Yi, is like saying:"Mao, sees you small lo again am I not?Fu Xi big absolute being!"
"H'm!Consumedly come from me of anticipate!Young girl, this a double-edged sword was yours!Hope you don't take heavy three boundaries to hope, make use of a double-edged sword in the your hand and cut a demon in addition to is evil, signed a contribution for three boundaries again!"The that Hun thick and uncanny orotund surprise calls a way.
"Feed?Big hero!Don't I encourage of too Gao?I before there is no achievement to be talked?The speech listenned to you, seem I while before and ever signing for three boundaries over contribution!"White cloud smiling face light exhibition, still speech way.
"Mao!This bond maid has never thought to dig so words!Don't pass my one word 1!H'm ……"that Hun thick and uncanny voice not from Han head inwardly way:"I didn't see wrong, can't even see the eye of walking!After, you are the hero of three boundaries, three boundaries have been already saved!"
"Ha ha ha ……young girl, is that I slip of tongue, is me slip of tongue!"The that Hun thick and uncanny orotund surprise has already added ground to call a way:"Like, young girl, shall meet again!The cosmos of Hao Hao, evil-minded blunt sky of, white cloud sense of right, three boundaries it is luckily!"
But listen to an uncanny cave, the speech profound mystery of Fu Xi concusses empty, the echo floats, if the aftermath in water is gradually and far general, gradually go.
"Feed-you don't walk!Do I still have a problem to ask you?How just the voice that can hear you, female Wa empress,
cheap hats?"White cloud get excited under, shout oneslef hoarse way.
See have no echo, the white cloud engraves one face displeased:"Hum!Really grieve me!How to just don't ask female the Wa empress' business?Hum!Really hate oneself!"
Suddenly, her at heart fiercely one earthquake:"Oh!I am really careless!How to have already even forgotten the most important matters to ask the Fu Xi big absolute being?This pours well, how oneself is got this uncanny cave!Hum!Grieve me!"
Feeling urgently under, the white cloud still embraces to try and see of mindset, carry enough inside the dint, release her voice, the facing Fu Xi voice spreads of place, yell a way:"Fu Xi big absolute being, how should I come out this uncanny cave of yours?"
Mao!Is true to have never thought, that Hun is thick and uncanny of the voice appeared again, but made she still worries of BE, this echo equals have no!
"Ha ha ha ……you will have a way leave of, white cloud miss!Make use of your intelligence!"Then and mysteriously spread thereafter.
"Hum!You this not is equal don't say!"White cloud mood extremely upset way.
After, then again have no concerning Fu Xi big absolute being of voice.
"Hum!Is really stingy!What about still big absolute being?!"White cloud spirit hotfoot at first turn leisurely wear, in the hand although held big absolute being of Fu Xi of ten thousand a life time a double-edged swords, had no the happiness of half silk!
Yes!This kind scene, change who will have upset emotion!
At the moment, the rock became the best tool, moment that he gives vent to anger, the rock is kicked by her jade to get place to float to fly ……does the desire know that how is funeral affairs?Please continue to pay attention to this book plot development.
111.Volume 4 mysterious Fu Xi big absolute being-chapter 110 mysterious Fu Xi big absolute being(23)
Mount a time:The rock in the cave became giving vent to anger of white cloud object, moment, the whole cave, the pebble floats to fly if Huang, if the spirit flies Hong, Man empty fly book.Ear side, often resound Fu Xi big absolute being of leave a language:Ha ha ha ……you will have a way leave of, white cloud miss!Make use of your intelligence!
"Hum!Don't thought of these, this miss still province angry, at the thought of ……hum, if can thought of a way, this miss still uses wear to beg you?"The white cloud Du wears a mouth, the weather of one face.
However look back, hope after death that waterfall in silver white, the mood engraves an amendment:"!Is beautiful wonderful!More than five Zhangs see is water, less than ten Zhangs are all smokes.The agreeable wall hangs to hang and floats a Miao front line, sparkling, such as silk like wisp ……suddenly, water cloud livings place, if the dragon seethes and suddenly bellows, the dint shakes Yu Huan;The Hun is thick and solemn, again if is a spool of to fly Tan to fall from Gao Kong Dou.Moment white water is like cotton, if cotton peach blossom, fly Xu from spread.Being supple is wonderful, much more uncanny change.
"Ah?Work properly the super strong light line of spirit tablet flank how be missing?No wonder that disappear "rainbow magpies bridge", red glow at sunset brocade, ?!"White cloud however big Yi, the Shan reads, don't feel hope an oneself's hand in of in addition to demon a double-edged sword:" That super strong light is exactly …… , I understood!No wonder that the light of that super strong spiritual influence be the moment missing?"
Settle Jing, again lo lo at present of Sen however Be stood erect to the stone pillar glacier in ice snow, the heart doesn't feel living cold:"Ah?Not to ah?Here only bad little difference, good luck is two different seasons?The part is a flowing water Cong Cong, another part then snow and icebound, now at present I place snow and icebound in, why not feel the cold idea of one silk?The husband and wife of Fu Xi seeing waterfall again after death it works properly spirit tablet, remain golden light four shoot, Wei however stand erect.
"Is alas?This also not to ah!That why strict solid if smoke water sort waterfall held, but can not hold up against that very small spirit tablet?Is really not understand!"Delude however, the white cloud Meng hazy Long ground discovers that aery if the waterfall of the jade sort deep place, the Huang absentminded Hu gleams a scrolls of flashlight:The faraway world of mortals loves confusing, the dream soul flies Du for few ten thousand years, horizontal batch:The good luck leads long true facts
"The faraway world of mortals loves confusing, the dream soul flies Du for few ten thousand years, the good luck leads long true facts, this is what ah?"The white cloud livings curious, the heart reads a way.Hence body form uncanny one Shan, holds in addition to demon a double-edged sword, fly a body but rise, jump up to fly into the waterfall in silver white.
"!This again is where ah?Absolutely is too odd!Is true to have never thought, this waterfalls in, unexpectedly is another world!It is a to longly carve with the rock to present before white cloud's eyes of small way, the snake form of turns and twists of affairs leads to afar ……the front of stone way is a sheet iron bridge, the bridge next Hong spring from mountain stone the Hua Hua flow through, the voice rings clear and crisp pleasing, resound through valley.
The white cloud puts a slow step, the lotus treads to lightly move and once wears this sheet iron bridge quietly.Through cover up of 3-day-old elm, surprised however discover a circular with special design stone door, last vulture in the stone door wears lifelike Long Feng's pattern, and white cloud.The flank of the stone door impressively writes two word"good luck hole" with big Cang strength.
The white cloud just a little makes an effort, then Hua in the stone door however push away, she the light Jie flash into hole.Engraves, her at present appeared an extremely spacious hall.The hall is on all sides wall solemn and peaceful Mi however, the vulture is full elegant and incomparable mural:Long Feng, cloud line, monster head, flower, still have 18 Luos and men to be like, gold just idol, the big Wei of the black skin color virtuous gold just was like, six arm Hu lord, smelt more Emperor, four arms protected a method, method king, good luck female etc. in the sky protected method idol.Idol thousand Zis are 100 Tais, the feature circle is smooth, plump muscle, the dress line is flowing freely, the image is lifelike.Four walls under, put a turn of stone table, top the heap is full fresh fresh fruit and fruit wine, the stone table side placed ten several several bronze lights.Light on, the light of fire is bright, the ground is spotless, a see and then know is someone to often pass in and out here, light-on, respect water, the Qi cantillates.
But positive center in the hall is the lord Buddha in the hole Amitabha, Be sat upright to a double layer lotus up, face reading the plump circle is smooth, two shoulders are generous, the dress line is simple and direct flowing freely.Lord Buddha"fearless print", mean between the world have no be afraid, only I only.
On the lotus throne of lord Buddha, carved four golds in the girdle part muscle man just, that spare no effort of magnificent posture and lord Buddha of cool-headed formed fresh clear contrast, set off a main Buddha more of leisurely.
The lord Buddha back still has 52 lotuses and sits upright one to bring up bodhisattva on each lotus, they or sit or side, or hold lotus, or whispers, the facial expression is each difference, is like the community of different young girl to be like.
The statue is under a high big stone table, it up puts a so big joss stick stove, is be exclusively provided for person to light what joss-stick pray!
The white cloud is in no hurry, ground the step lightly move and walk to positive the center, lightly order joss-stick, polite kneel down thereafter, salute, silent pray her lover to turn bad luck into good, peaceful return.
Respect after joss-stick orison complete, if white cloud before general, again go a Buddha gift.
Hua!A strange book is from the sky but decline!The book is very thick, a white cover.
White cloud big Hai under, have to think in the heart:"This book is specialized is me but decline, inevitable have the contact of ten thousand wisps of thousand silkses with me!"
The Shan reads, the white cloud soon and soon comes forward and takes that extremely weird book, and the desire sees actually.
The white cloud concentrates energy and sees more more be fond of., Originally an in book strangely jot down very much.That is the concerning Fu Xi female the ten thousand of the Wases a life time life experiences, the book lieutenant general Fu Xi female Wa generation again generation of the magic turn a life time to jot down extremely and in details, the white cloud really had a little son to don't want to put it away,
However, when the white cloud sees Fu Xi a female Wa in the odd life experience of greatly clear last years of the period and can not help a burst of spasm in the heart:
", Good heavens!Jot down in this book of how extremely resemble with own life experience?Particularly the Wa empress' life experience of female, "engrave the facial expression of white cloud huge change, be suffused with white, become green, again be suffused with white, become green, end again change of pallor:
" I really be ……no wonder that previous"guest who comes uninvited" says I is female Wa it again the person of a life time?Originally and really is so!Can ……this absolutely is a son a little bit is unimaginable,!Does a person how can and so with ease know his/her own previous incarnation?Particularly count the life experience of 100,000 year agos?Is this absolutely extremely the matter that is fantastic?!But ……this in case of is true, that ……eldest brother Wu is not …… , good heavens!Who is that roseate clouds elder sister again if this is true?"
Engraves, the white cloud is painful pole, tears Cen Cen, tears overflow.She also cans not distinguishes Chu by herself, why want to shed tears?Is oneself?Or is and the opportunity of eldest brother Wu's number ten thousand a life times?And is greatly suspiciously meeting by chance clearly?Does the turns and twists get along with?Unbearable feelings?And temporarily really don't know how to make a choice of pain-suffering?
She engraved to collapse!Hate this book!The but again appreciates this book!Is that it makes oneself really understand the green mountain of himself/herself and eldest brother Wu not old, the stars remains of ten thousand a life time loves!
Time and tide wait for no man lets go of!The green mountain contains feeling and reads feeling!Build to turn to make a person, break feeling!The sun and moon spreads feeling, tender feeling!
White cloud Zheng Zheng of, if the spoony blossom is similar, in spring rain of the Xi Xi Li Li, ponder:BE hard recover originally should belong to own eldest brother Wu?Still keep enduring pain silently to part with, help eldest brother Wu and the roseate clouds elder sister's marriage?Does the desire know that how is funeral affairs?Please continue to pay attention to this book plot development.
112.Volume 4 mysterious Fu Xi big absolute being-chapter 111 mysterious Fu Xi big absolute being(24)
Mount a time:The spoony white cloud is painfully pondering:BE hard recover originally should belong to own eldest brother Wu?Still keep enduring pain silently to part with, help eldest brother Wu and the roseate clouds elder sister's marriage?
Suddenly, she thoughted of again to eldest brother Wu tightly make track for don't put of Cui cloud kid sister, the heart bottom don't feel and start to be suffused with 1000 F great waves, unbearable go to a pole:"Is alas!Don't think these not happy matters!But previous of Fu Xi again why appeared?He be not already again was a life time at the greatly clear last years of the period?Have eldest brother Wu at this time already still kept being two persons of different categories with the Fu Xi of in those days?, To!I am getting more careless, hasn't he already said.That is his soul!"The white cloud wonders a way alone.
After, the white cloud has no this uncanny White Paper again keep on seeing, close a book, carry in the hand, another hand holds Fu Xi to send to her that in addition to demon a double-edged sword, turn round, the desire leaves this stone cave.
The book is to don't saw again, but her thoughts and feelings still stays around book in illustrate of jot down in the middle.
"Ah?Not to!That voice keeps shouting that eldest brother Wu is a single-minded centipede, and eldest brother Wu also admits!Fu Xi are tens of thousands a life times how can a bore centipede Jing after?Even if he finally changes into Human body, but still takes off not to drop Evil-doer, this hat!"The white cloud worry in uncertainty is layer after layer, walks while thinking, but how also think impassability, hence she then starts recalling this book in of jot down must be true?!
Don't feel, white cloud already that stone cave, hide a book well, the sheet iron bridge before once walking, holds in addition to demon a double-edged sword, once the slender waist twist, the dark luck is true to annoy, if fly Yan Lue empty general, fly one that is aery of waterfalls.
The double feet fall to settle,, the white cloud returns again overdo, have a look that lightness, aery, if cloud the waterfall of fog, in the heart not from regrets way:"Such fairy mirror, left so quickly, also really had a little son not to give up!"
The thoughts and feelings floats to turn, the white cloud suddenly exclaims one- track:"…… Alas!, not good, I leave" floats cloud cave"quite a while, don't go, I must think a way to leave here at once, otherwise, master's elder sister will definitely become nervous!"
The white cloud subconscious ground saw a double-edged sword in one eye hand and inwardly and lightly humed one- track:"" Cutting a demon to decline is evil" a double-edged sword, see this time yours!"But see the white cloud show feet point ground, lightly move, the jade hand holds sword and lightly turns over, the front of Mou Ning, dark use true spirit, spirit Guan sword body, fiercely a Jiao Chi, person then the Hua ground jump ground but rise, annoy to gather hands and suddenly split!But listen to a voice bomb the voice of the bombardment of roll of thunder sort wear is empty to fall to the ground, arise an of the Ying ear of the mightiness windstorm, the several super strong uncanny sword Hong has already in a twinkling hit in a row.Engraves and then resumed an inception inside the hole that extremely rugged gravamen, pitch dark of empty however prospects.The only the Yi Yi of seeing is brilliant"cutting a demon to decline is evil" a double-edged sword!
White cloud gladly exultation, toward a double-edged sword way:"Record for you a this time achievement!"Hence again magic trick, once a double-edged sword flick, front however form together super strong light China, again Shi Fa, and then form a silver light flickering diaphragm, cover oneself safely at in, Gao Han:"I can go out!"White cloud hand a double-edged sword, fierce one hair achievement, if body form meteor lightning flash, the facing entrance to cave disease goes.
At a time when deep autumn, the cave feels more gloomy, wind is blowing gently, a burst of right against the face kisses and blow white cloud dress Shan light Yang, the hair dances behind.But because the white cloud has absolute being to only protect a body, feels pure spirit of absolute being great, the slightest don't feel cold!
Just entrance to cave, wore empty sunlight then the breeze flowed out sort ground the facing white cloud wrapped, because longer period of time was foolish in the pitch dark cave, the white cloud temporarily still really didn't adapt to this unexpected of the raid of violent ray, engraved to feel that the rim of eye delivers black and almost fell on the ground.
In a little while, the white cloud then resumes intact.Hope the sun, inwardly way:"Did not lead noon O.K.!Otherwise of words, if master's elder sister disappears my person again, wills definitely is getting more jittery!"
Suddenly the white cloud suddenly thoughts of:"Do not go!I must think a way to have a double-edged sword hidden this!Otherwise of words, master's elder sister asks, how do I make to answer?By that time also only receive scolding of son!But ……the master elder sister there'll be one day will know of,
Cheap Cucci Handbgas, she will ask me by that time, from where come of the a double-edged sword?By that time the truth actually said!Anyway have already led this gust wind by that time, say to her what, can't blame me!Be different from now, the big enemy is current, but I secretly ran to go out ……"
The air of white cloud however some worried:"But how do I hide a double-edged sword this?If can will it ……"Hua!White cloud in the moment and suddenly a bright:"To, isn't it before a together extremely super strong ray?Probably it can also change into that Tao Kuang line!But I how make does it resume to that Tao Kuang line,"The white cloud is deep in thought a bitterness to think, one face sad look, lightly toward a double-edged sword way:"A double-edged sword!A double-edged sword, if you the words that recognize my this host, obedient, the super strong light line before darling ground change into, this box inside hide into me nearby, I in the days to come will well to yours!However?Wait until urgent time, you don't have to be lazy, listen to my instruction and come out to cut a demon in addition to is evil!"Hence the white cloud takes out quietly she had been taking in the nearby elegant small box since childhood and drew back the small drawer of inside, waited for a double-edged sword changing into ray and flew into a box inside.
Is few, the miracle took place!In the white cloud hand of that flies to get empty but rises and in the sky flies low 1 turn, the subsequent Hua ground changes into together super strong light line, if the breeze Chi is general, fly into that fine locket son inside of white cloud!
The white cloud engraves surprised Be getting more foolish!Warm and affectionately picked up her small box, kiss again close, kissed and kiss, jubilantly happy.
Connect down, delight of she, have no again think more the matter in the hole, the body form floats however one Shan, jump ground but rise, the disease flies fierce line, fast the meteor , after a little while, then have already worn to float a sea of clouds and flew to"float cloud cave" sky.Settle Jing a see:The "float cloud cave" Jing ensign floats, the atmosphere isn't very stalwart!, Originally"float cloud cave" has already come together many peripheries rapid rush through of river lake hero.
In the white cloud heart a pleased, holdses "declining is evil in addition to is bewitching" a double-edged sword box, fall her flank in the Gui house, carefully hid.Observing is few, see surrounding no one, the white cloud is then inwardly happy, silently slipped away into own Gui house.
Anticipate, her forepaw just moved forward a house, be drunk one by a Nu stunned speechless.The white cloud immediately still really frightenned a to greatly jump.
"Is so long-term,
discount new era cap, you to where go to?", Originally master's elder sister have been waiting in her Gui house.Just see her shadow of human figure at the moment, certainly need to get angry.
"Alas! ……this time can miserably, must be subjected to master's elder sister's Xun to scold!Making isn't good, also need to punish to kneel of bitterness!"The worry way in the white cloud heart.
After hearing the words of asking of master's elder sister, the white cloud doesn't dare to have to the slightest neglect, nervous tunnel:"I ……master's elder sister don't want me to do
All commander in chiefs of heros?I this mental state burden too heavy, so a person alone go out to walk, 1 relaxs and release heart in of suppress;At the same time also conveniently observed circumferential geography for a while, in order to prevent arouse a war of feel helpless!"
The language of white cloud although some tell a falsehoods, in fact the white cloud is also the truth to actually say!
There is no her words and actions of excessive doubt after past clouds of many colors listenned to, eye China floats and is full of smiles and extremely concerns tunnel:"The white cloud younger sister's son, goes out to relax also good, however want to remember in the days to come, the time go out, beat hello with elder sister,
cheap hats, otherwise the elder sister will worry dead!This just sought your not
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