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TOPIC: This purple tunic person who make moves nameds wide Lin Feng

http://new-era-caps-on-sale-sh​ This purple tunic person who make moves nameds wide Lin Feng 11 months, 3 weeks ago #2419

  • bpyajrugv39
Fire, how such terror,!Not ……don't kill me, I am a saint light city west the city area great commander soldier, if you killed me, you will bear the fury of saint clear clansmen, is arrived always a life time make track for to kill, Rao ……"
After falling into "the chain turns space", gold A will get this to just truely realize what be called terror, that originally has already been soared stroke by the leaf sky in the heart the not many will to fight remained be also obliterated in this a moment, and turn in that chain of the fire rush at his in a flash and soar to beg for mercy to the leaf sky.
"But any forces the person whom I make moves,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, all come to a bad end, you also can't exception, know to beg for mercy now,, already late,cheap 59fifty hat."
The leaf sky soars cold hum a , under the operation that his absolute being read, the arrogant chain turns of the fire is from the all directions pound at since then, directly cover with the Qu of flesh and blood that gold A will get among them, and turn for the chain at the moment winking, the arrogant strength became to reinforce his member of realm space, while the life essence then be absorbed at the moment winking by him, integrate into oneself the light inside the body fasten strength in,
"Traitor, brave, unexpectedly act boorishly at the my saint light city, you this is to seek dead."Polishing off gold A will get, leaf sky's soaring is about to leave to leave, together purple quickly passing time, once rowed unreal,, soar front at the leaf sky the distance don't settle body form,
The purple tunic person after showing body woulds be a light, soil two fasten the dint of fusion, from his body inside spew out, such as billowing big current general,,, replied to spread out, in a short instant square circle 100,000 Zhang spaces cover with among them.
Fell into two to fasten the saint light city officers and men of blending the strength overlay area, and some all of the influences for joining a crowd for fun are public, immediately be pressed by this arrogant Nian of dint, living oppress crawl at ground up, the bloods of big big, from their seven Qiaos run off, only for counted not much of more than ten built the thing absolute being class after expect state of superior, spare no effort to make moves, this just bombs to break a double to fasten the Nian presses of the blockaders of dint, get away but.
This purple tunic person who make moves nameds wide Lin Feng, is a saint light city of ten greatly protect one of the methods,, real strenght at ten greatly protect to rank the fifth in the method,, the war capability is arrogant.
Clear to saint clan saint light city more familiar persons all know that wide Lin Feng isn't an easy to handle person.
See wide Lin Feng appearing, good
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