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discount new era used to investigate Shu
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TOPIC: discount new era used to investigate Shu

discount new era used to investigate Shu 11 months, 3 weeks ago #2373

  • kvzdpcx29
Of point intravenous drop drop, on the contrary even add sad,,
discount new era.
Tang Ke wants to know the value of these valuableses and gets a brainwave, used to investigate Shu, had never thought to investigate Shu not negative hope, simple of the result show at brain in,
The valuables is always worth of:113020 gold coins,
Tang Ke sees pour to absorb one mouthful air, ate a surprised.He quickly asks a way:"Is this box valuables worth 100,
San Francisco 49ers Jerseys Shop,000 gold coins?"
Only the eye throws cold water a way:"Captain,
wholesale cheap mlb hats, you to the concept of gold coin also too mess, although we are pirates,also want to learn to quote to the gold and silver jewelry, otherwise while selling these things, the meeting is been malicious to kill by the dishonest trader."
Tang Ke disaffection these scold and hum a way:"Are you to say this box valuables 100,000 unworthy gold coins?"
"Is certainly unworthy, I estimate,, also at 1,300 top and bottomses is just."
Tang Ke is silent language not, is a system to come amiss?He to pirate system king still trust very much of, feel the inside should have a hitch and have no quasi- was an eye to only leave out what valuables, make wrong price.
He again and again investigates several times, the results are all similar.He held the treasure box to a quiet and out-of-the-way tree bottom, turn over a products in it one by one, in addition to gold coin, all investigate alone for a while.
Only the eye isn't clear so, however don't also disturb, but the wreath attends to on all sides, sincerely defend be seen, wealth's not and outside exposing is the life creed of pirate.
Ring, bracelet, necklace and head hat ……one kind jewelry skip in Tang Ke Shou, each survey result BE:Common decoration.Just finally leaves a steel ring, without any reason have no strange, up have a carvings of whirlpool pattern,
NFL Jerseys From China, two sides still have the simple pattern of fish type.
Tang Ke An decides, if the jewelries are all very common,,, pursue a check of gold coins.He towarded a steel ring to use survey Shu, an astonishing result came out.
Sea Wo crazy fish it quits:
Grade:Epic class product.
Type:The person equips.
Describe:At boundless history long river in, this very small ring once yielded unusually brilliant results.Gold sea Li 1435, Long Ya Guo for eliminating a flight path, carried on slaughter towards living in the fish there person clan white shell tribe, the fish person's clan dies a tragic death around ten thousand persons.
Manikin legend craftsman the Si card is at the heart cant not bear to, decision help white the shell tribe resist Long Ya Guo's aggression.The soul that he dies a tragic death with the fish person's clan made "sea Wo crazy fish it quit".This ring owns the strength that the fishes make whirlpool of invoke, Si card is used a ring protection white shell tribe the remenant clansmen escape and once hid a to rob, the after the event still sent the ring to the fish person's clan
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