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TOPIC: it is clearer to is the knight of desert.

http://buylancelonlineshopping​ it is clearer to is the knight of desert. 11 months, 2 weeks ago #20995

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There is characteristic like this, however have never displayed in the desert."The Hong easily looking at distance sand dune on appear of many ride a soldier,, not from get a tiny smile way,
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Of his eyes one Shan, seem Meng the 1 F is only very thin and red, "astute""clear" two Qiaoses launch and infuse to note spirit blood at the same time and use ascend strength son, ten many distances out of the inside quickly draw near.
Distance sand dune on, the each grain sands all change clear and matchlessly, even the sand dune in the center conceals of the ants all see clearly.
Certainly, it is clearer to is the knight of desert,
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These knights all wear this uniformly of casual wear skin Kai, the Ku wears big machete, there is bow on the back having arrows.Is full of bellicosity, fully have three, 500 people,, each spirit is chilly, among them inborn state of not at the minority.
A leader that particularly is among them complains to tie up to bind a plain white cloth and received one level yarn on the face, on the body capable breathing Ning but not hair.When Hong easy eye hope past of, this leader immediately responded and shotted into vision Hong at the same time easy, the sand of Chan silver is 2 people.
Be separated ten insides, the Hong easily all felt this leader hot with the sands of Chan silver hot such as the desert the sun generally bake of shoot line.
"What a guy, this person's fighting skill compares with a stone whistle princes to all have to be brilliant."
Hong the easy mind is tiny tiny a move.
In addition, this leader nearby still stands one to wear white tunic and takes the person of bent wood quality crosier and also receives a veil and seems afraid sandstorm to blow the skin bad generally.
"Those people's horse behind why still has the silk of one slice?"The Chan silver sand eyes also saw this rightness of burst upon of ride a soldier, saw a bow horse,
buy lancel handbags online, the machete poured inattentive,
lancel premier flirt, but see those people's horse behind have on tie~upping a fine silk, not from must ask a way.
"This is what Western Regions in highly respectable knight use to a Mao bottom, these people's position no trivial matter.Western Regions in,, only dignify most most of Jing dollar sanctuary knight, would wipe a bottom with the silk!"
The Hong easily also saw this detail and ordered, Buddhist temple ancient works in jotted down the circumstance of Western Regions to get confirmation.
The silk of big Gan delivers to Western Regions to go and once entered ten thousand insides faraway,, 12 silks almost with prices like gold,etc.
Even if is a big Gan, use noble family in the Hao door of the bottom of silk Mao also almost is to have no, because this spreads to go, not only can not express the bottom Yun of noble family, on the contrary will be laughed at for"reckless waste of grain".
The big Gan is real of noble family, manage domestic affairs to all strictly pay attention to a gift method, the noble family sonses all have specification,
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× × ×…………
"Respect of 28 his highnesses,, oasis underneath I saw a rightness of men and women, being dressed in the foppery was a big Gan heresy."Meanwhile, stand the sand dune takes over of the white tunic crosier person toward a knight leader way.
"Offer sacrifices to adult, I have already seen, since BE
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