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cheap 59fifty hat then again carefully put at nearby of silk shawl up.
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TOPIC: cheap 59fifty hat then again carefully put at nearby of silk shawl up.

cheap 59fifty hat then again carefully put at nearby of silk shawl up. 11 months, 2 weeks ago #20839

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You come out not?I can can not stand.I don't want to hide in the dark place like mouse all day long."The Du son Teng will work properly to know to spread a silver to quit inside in the space and roar loud a way.
The voice is like a burst of rolled thunder to once row horizon, cloud was green to hope to quit in the silver space in enlarged numerous times of Du son the big mouth of the Teng.
"Good!Since it is so, we have no necessity to have too many fears."The Teng that cloud is green to hope to see Du son the facial expression of that face heroism stem cloud,, in the heart like be flooded by this felling.
"Good!From now on,
cheap 59fifty hat, we want to greatly do to be a , the absolute being blocks deicide,
cheap hats, and the Buddha blocks to kill a Buddha!"The Du son Teng nods a way and immediately urges to work properly to know,, will public put out.
Appear the countercheck of thick smoke in the surroundings in, public stand to a space that isolates outside air in, that is only fear the Qing Fei everyone have already lost and establish next one to isolate space.
Slowly move along with their step, they walk to the outside.The ear continuously rings the voice of explosion and in the moment see of exert is that the thick smoke is billowing.
Everyone slowly outside walks out but sees this act to the hole:
Mu palace the black dress leader is splitting open a body of companion at this time, from their chest and bellies, take out a circle the circle is like the ball of snake egg, lightly start to give they, imitate Buddha pilgrimage general godliness, put by the side of the mouth to slightly kiss, then again carefully put at nearby of silk shawl up.
"He this is at stem what?"The Du son Teng carefully comes close mouth Su's leaf's ear, ask a way.
The Su leaf hopes the action of the other party and suddenly thought of a strange legend, then and lightly will give public listen to:
At faraway wild ground of live a strange race, they live in the woods wilderness.What to emphasize is the totem of python, the oblation is a kind of idol that is called Fan the big absolute being for sky.They the rules in the clan be, be have the freshman's baby to be born of, then sow the egg of a kind of python in his stomach.
Thus the kid grows up, in the snake egg in their body also along with grow up, just don't develop.But if have foreign of dangerous endanger the time of oneself,
wholesale mlb hats, the snake egg that protects a body will break hull but and quickly suck dry the flesh and blood on the essence,, then will quickly grow up to living for huge boa, gobbling up the person's body for.But oneself no one thoughted any further.
"Is there still so peculiar affair?"Du son Teng not from the mouth of Pie Pie.Is really a big world, anything-goes.
"I think this Mu palace one vein is the development of this different clan?"Cloud is green to lightly say.
The words that seemed to hear public, the Mu palace leader slowly raises head, is to see public to have no Shi
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