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Username Password: Remember me is releasing handsome 2 people of breeze and Xiao to around appear a group of monsters
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TOPIC: is releasing handsome 2 people of breeze and Xiao to around appear a group of monsters

http://lancelbagsinlondon.webs​.com/ is releasing handsome 2 people of breeze and Xiao to around appear a group of monsters 11 months, 2 weeks ago #20828

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Release breeze can not help wrinkling up eyebrows, the Xiao is handsome but remains the apathetic station of one face over there, seem to combine nonchalance to the all these.
Spread on the voice of rustle of the earth a short moment, those the real estate aring spread by the red liquid be slowly risen by the Jie, is releasing handsome 2 people of breeze and Xiao to around appear a group of monsters, eyes in red, the face is each different, each monster is all bald-headed, on the head but have two monster capes, the height is a many 2 times that of ordinary people, body in addition to eyes outside is all green to, immediately, release breeze and Xiao handsome be surrounded therein.
Under the irradiation of sunlight, there is unspeakable Gui Mi on these monster bodies, the Xiao was handsome to raise head to see this monster of one eye, each the weapons in the monster hand is all each not same, mostly is all long gun of one Zhang enough to spare, gun body unexpectedly is also green, with these the monster body match to one color, is like the spirit in the forest, only the double of eyes that is all red, imitating the Buddha have to from the eye socket drop out generally.
Kou hero roar voice again rise, this but is very light to whisper general slowness to ring out, the red eye monster starts slowly move, the huge body moves of seem to be some clumsily, the Xiao is handsome cool detachment mutually view, is offended the place led by thing, surroundings of tree unexpectedly at moment death, green of leaf unexpectedly at moment change into Huang Ye floats to fall from the treetop but under.
"Immediately after."The Xiao is handsome hand in of leaving and axing the sword throw to release breeze, released breeze to order to nod, don't talk, the body changed into a quickly passing time to hurtle into a ring of encirclement.
Xiao the handsome body Be tiny to start to play, anti- hand one sword stab, the accurate and matchless sting goes into back of a throat of monster, a blood arrows of green spews out from the monster throat, Xiao handsome left hand painting circle, form a protection turn in the in front, the blood arrows sprays in protecting a body and really annoying changing into of Chi Chi steam, the dissipation is in the sky.The Xiao handsome body form Dou turns and displays a light achievement to lift body to get empty in the half,, Xuan rain sword stars orders a point,
Nike NFL Jerseys, each sword ability accurate and matchless sting go into the throat of the other party, the monster is also more and more, Be handsome to round airtight no air goes throughly the Xiao, Xuan rain sword although quick, helpless this monster amount of can be ascended with peter more this ground of up of withered leaf,,
lancel ���ާܧ�.
The Xiao is handsome but feel right calf on spread a burst of tiny pain, Xuan rain sword sword in hand only one Shan, already mow a piece of meat on the right leg abruptly down, peep out one on the Kou hero's face silk extremely peculiar facial expression, laugh wildly a way:"Boy, I think that you really didn't fear to'beard Mi bead'of poison!"The roar voice in rises again, but the roar voice this time is that the fast disease is matchless, these stupid of monster, at this of incitement under,
NFL Jerseys, the action on the hand sped many,, the Xiao is handsome at just in, these monster already at his body square circle half Chinese foot inside, the Xiao is handsome to have to brandish Xuan rain sword
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