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Authentic Lancel Leave of
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TOPIC: Authentic Lancel Leave of

Authentic Lancel Leave of 11 months, 2 weeks ago #20447

  • cxawdejq64
Have no, with the personality of big wave Zi, the present person the slightest can't doubt he will 1 bottle jilt to pass by.Hao pretty Zi heart bottom is also a surprised.Not from the time is on the alert.
One side the tortoise and cucumber didn't interrupt.The big wave Zi wants to begin in the night club, they also fear to meet with calamity and connected a part 1 to pull him.
The tortoise sees to on all sides, at big wave Zi ear small voice say several, this just make the big wave Zi just a little rational.
All of the night club are bludgers Ma Zi, and is China cheerful small leader of a group Huang Bing takes over in person of site, the under charge younger brother has reputation than them, if begin,
Authentic Lancel, undoubtedly is seek dead!
Night club to know inside, owner likes that kind of to come a consumer guest.But China the interest let owner see a field, that collected a high protection fee.Is every to fight the affair that the Dou beats to all want to eradicate completely, so as not to frighten other guests don't dare.Therefore, if the China cheerful younger brother takes the lead in the inside to cause trouble and disturbs a guest, that big wave Zi estimates a meeting to be lived the whole dead by elder brother Bing,
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"Ha ha!"The facial expression that sees big wave Zi that my to bend.Pretty the Hao Zi knows that the other party doesn't dare to begin here, hence the cachinnation wears station to start and recklessly takes out a to put small change on the table from the side pocket and without extra trouble pushes to push before going toward, "elder brother Tao , temporarily only have in brothers hand so many, since you urgently wear want money to use, that takes first to spend!Leave of, another day again give you."
Hao pretty Zi very overbearing shape, talk to still craftily smile the partner of lookinging at the both sides at the same time.Make fun of, humiliate, nakedly disregard.It is unmanned in the eyes.
The big wave Zi whole body blue vein keeps emitting, holding the hand of wine bottle has been already shivered, is doing the flounder of vehemence.Begin here, undoubtedly will disobey China interest rules, can if motionless hand, before so many human faces, his face puts not to come down.He has already had regard for, however cuts up rough extremity again.Proper is difficult of namely,
One side Luo Meng, on the face black line on the tip of forehead,
Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, he already at sit of 12 people completely saw clear.Include four girls, all at about 20 years old.Than oneself greatly ascend so 12 years old.
"Hao pretty Zi!"
Luo Meng shouts at top of voice, there are no two words of,, the anger takes shout since the beer bottle of table of failed past.Pretty the Hao Zi hears orotund a surprised, the side of head instinct to part.
Beer bottle hit at he in back of wall up.While clipping to take the glass fragment of wine water to sign four splash to open.
The screech rings out.The girl, who sits on the Hao pretty Zi nearby, embraced a head to jump.The beer bottle blasts open and plays the glass fragment opening to splash her in the head, is set aside quite a few way son on the face, blood run off.Disfigure
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