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Regression after the experience and training life, be used as repay, we also got astonishing wealth and power and influence that clan!"Diagram He just thinking get here,, but eyes see toward the cloth official Ren.
The cloth official thoughts and feelings within Ren brain quickly revolves, numerous generation first the knowledge of the generation backlog is releasing to open, he understood a lot for an instant.
He shuts eyes to think a way:"Originally my mother is unexpectedly that to lose civilized descendant for the sake of making up gene blemish,, just relate by marriage with father, and bear I, but elder brother then father and another common woman living."
"I incredibly have two kinds of mankind's gene, and the mother stays to unexpectedly open the treasure in the holy land to hide for my task and resumes India old woman Luo's much absolute being country!This was really too absurd, even if own those extreme weapons, very small India how permit nextly again I?"
Thought of here, he opens eye to hope diagram He says:"Diagram He!The absolute being clan still has how many descendants survival?"
Diagram He the station start right away, although the body is a bit unsteady,still keep respectfullly and sincerely saying:"Saint son, you finally resume normal!My clan still has 3,000 people and has most likely all in India, minority ofs are each in China local religious concentration district."
"Diagram He, I want you to send a hand and exterminate the elder regiment in the cloth surname, this should isn't difficult to attain?"Cloth official Ren at this time where still have originally the breathing of that small rascal, imitating the Buddha is one to pass through for thousand years, the old devil sort of vicissitudes of life says.
"BE, this affair attains very easily, I send right away person to do,!"The diagram He uniquely takes charge of a person in the holy land, but unusually listens to the cloth official Ren's order now.
"The diagram He , after killing off the person of elder regiment again, sends a person to north and named one Xiao strong person and he all friends and relativeses kill off for me, this person differs some harm my dead, I want a holy land treasure to hide medium enhance body,, I want to return to a cloth surname to go in the household later on,"The cloth serves the Shan in the Ren eyes is together fierce light, that is to deeply hate an idea to the strong Xiao.
"Saint son, do you prohibit to fully lead us to return to re- reply a country?"The diagram He is some to shockedly ask a way.
"Not, this ages India is already come declining now of nation, but the absolute being clan demand ground is a great deal of population, although the population of India is enough many,China the country is more more than it, we want to carry out ideal and re-appear the strength of absolute being clan and rush out this star, battlefield should choose here."
"We have enough many energies and weapon, and still have science and technology to outstrip mankind, fight for control China's country's hasing to be more beneficial than that nation in India from this!"
"First, I want to take a time to belong to us to be ancestral of power battle and eight historic relics
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