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Lancel Purse Luo the Yi pain and sufferings in the sky of
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TOPIC: Lancel Purse Luo the Yi pain and sufferings in the sky of

Lancel Purse Luo the Yi pain and sufferings in the sky of 11 months, 3 weeks ago #20211

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Yi ingenious footwork in the sky but let blood wolf Wang Ji Du fail to meet.But blood wolf Wang Kuang Lang becomes the speed after is really too quick, a few transformation directionses after, Luo the Yi trace and shadow that suddenly discover that he or she lost a blood wolf king in the sky, the Luo Yi is one Leng in the sky,, stopped down.
Piece any is dark to call have to be bad,
Lancel Purse, even if can't see an enemy don't stop this effective footwork, either, write like the gold Yong big absolute being Ling Po Wei tread similar, take care of his enemy how move, I the tube walked my footwork to go!
"Die!"The blood wolf king's a Yi ear side in sky that suddenly and violently drink to appear at Luo, Luo almost delivers the pain-suffering of brain to tell him at the same time on numerous places of the Yi body in the sky later on, he was again shot!The blood wolf that becomes after death king the attack dint present several what amount play increase, snow mountain limited a fixing of the blood wolf right way method for, but can not limit it be demon the monster have the growth of the body strength of advantage most .Canning say that Wang Dan of blood wolf depends carnal strength can also with fixing of a gold Dan middle a Dou difficult cent victory or defeat.
The incitement of ray pluses blood wolf the king exceed currently Luo the speed of the Yi sight in the sky, Luo Yi the sky is completely like a sandbag drive blood wolf the king beat or soly to flutter, Tao really cannot see and fisted a pair of boxings to want to hurtle over to help Luo the Yi a helping hand in the sky, but drive piece any blocks all alone:"You have to believe Yi for sky,
sale hats, he can definitely win!Say that this is his a person's combat again, what did you calculate in the past?Do you let his dignity put where?"Piece any says like this, strong unfeeling medium painful become overdo to cant not bear to see Luo Yi the sky being beaten mercilessly.
Wang Tao is gradual of loose open to fist of double boxing, toward Luo Yi sky be like for mediating the discomfort in the heart,, shout a way:"The sky of the Yi, beat flat it, I believe that you can go,
Discount Baltimore Ravens Jerseys!"
Hear brothers to Luo whom oneself trusts Yi the sky didn't break out an astonishing fighting strength to similar the Wo country inside in the cartoon and in a twinkling turned over dish and remained be beaten don't strike back of dint.Luo Yi sky still he is trying the trend of catching the blood wolf king, can occasionally also avert from several claws while continuously suffering beating, suffering beating.BE more opposite than thousands shoot Luo of attack of Yi sky to say,, several bottoms of flash across are just entirely inadequate, have never given Luo the Yi situation that is passive to suffer beating in the sky to bring any variety.
Blood wolf king continuously of the stroke has already made Luo Yi the sky is murky, suddenly the absolute being knows a burst of absentminded,
NFL Jerseys China, blood wolf king's all attacks drive he by accident hide past!By accident follow that rhythm,, continue a few Luos Yi sky all flash across the blood wolf king's attack,
lancel paris bags, Luo once the Yi spirit in the sky flap and saw the first light of day of victory.But Luo Yi sky just one concentration spirit, lost consciousness absentminded status, immediately suffered blood wolf Wang Pai Shan to pour the attack of sea.
Is quick to the extreme limit,
custom NFL Jerseys, Luo the Yi pain and sufferings in the sky of
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