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lancel 2013 the arm is interrupted by the wood rod
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TOPIC: lancel 2013 the arm is interrupted by the wood rod

lancel 2013 the arm is interrupted by the wood rod 11 months, 2 weeks ago #20175

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The detailed process of killing discloses that the only Zhang Han Ru who succeed in escaping in 18 people is incubated of the escort member of team save to walk to connect into city and right away victimize 17 people beginning and end explaination of clear
This extra is a , national Hua however, this kind of openly and arbitrarily tramples a national dignity and national pride of of the behavior immediately encounter the rebuke rebuke of the public,
lancel 2013, but whole country top and bottom everyplace the people and group demonstrate a protest in succession and advocate to rescind unequal treaties and boycott Japanese goods the United States, France,, England and add oversea Chinese people,
premier flirt lancel, overseas Chinese of ascent, Canada and Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia etc. for help south the murder case eagerly contribute money, Chinese people youth the student plead to return to country to take part in to struggle to the day
And other great powers nations halt China diplomatic corps expresses an incredible tone to this, they can not believe today this century in, incredibly will someone like this and without restraint trample an international convention and implement an unruly conduct like this on the territory of another country and absolutely make people look askance at them to also announce viewpoint in succession, true facts request to thoroughly check pure this matter,
ebay sac lancel, request Japanese government to make an explanation
But is regardless Chinese or other foreigners,, all seriously underrated the Japanese's shameless degree just in a day,
Lancel Handbags outlet, Japanese army saves to announce to smell and declares on the nighttime of May 3, Japan suffers in the alien residents of Shandong the disorderly soldier raid kills, 280 people die in a disaster
For strengthening conviction, 《current news report 》 that publishes on May 6 is drawn voice to draw a writing of color way with the red and big word of the most attractive set:"Japanese women are raped is killed behind,, **wear body, disastrous;The private parts of miss drive put on wood rod, the arm is interrupted by the wood rod, eyes drive the Wan is in front of correspondent ground,, Japanese ground the skull be knocked to open, the brains splits and flows on the road"
Concerning rob, also have to equally report "encounter a difficult" description to say:"The valuable lichen thing goes without saying and connects a bed board and spreads seat, ceilings be all unloaded down, the primary school livings of the lesson originally was all stolen gold lock, gold watch, 240 pieces of oceans, 380 pieces of banknoteses to all rob to walk"
Japanese people are made a row, request to start out battalion in succession,
Lancel bags online, "want these suddenly and violently all of the soldier exterminate" hence, in Japan, be unaware of the truth or would not like to believe the citizen of true facts will just the troops who kill without restraint in the outside regarded as the emissary of vengeance,, wine well the falsity language of expression of type military officer of the Long receives for the model
On the morning of May 4, is helping south the people take to come out of the extra is shocked have no already, cut up rough condemn of time,, the Japan's Imperial Army stubbornly bombard with artillery to help south city
There is data, so the word counts much some, H'm H'm,
lancel bardot bag, beg a ticket

Chapter 155 gunfire returns shot
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