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  • drencxdc9ai
The gold of the 14th lord absolute being positive body!
From 14 lord absolute being body up, send forth the main proud interest of a pure and unadulterated, the Ling more livings the icy cold breathing for working properly to make at everything all persons of absolute beings bodies who hesitate it, all scared not already.
14 the lord absolute being thousand odd Zhang the long ground of gold tail Zhui once jilted, body week, a stars bombs however bursts, Hua ground the voice resound through unreal ……
"Is not good, the emperor releases a sky Fan also a mistake!"Elder suddenly anxious way in the North Sea.
"At too thou the words of the noodles,, the 14th lord absolute being hates irresolute at the saint monster ground breathing, also don't dare to appear real person, make moves all over, be drawn in an emperor to release outside sky of microcosm in the sky that a sky creates in, the but again is getting more different.The 14th lord absolute being basically has no to be afraid of,lancel outlet shop, the emperor releases a sky to be his opponent."Elder in the North Sea immediately after repaired 1:"In spite of he how strong, he finally still a person,lancel bags buy online, and can not also make use of the dint of saint monster!"
Ground evil spirit Yun Yin, the hiding of smoke spirit is concealed medium, the emperor releases a sky quietly and looks at the absolute being body of 14th lord absolute being, didn't be afraid on the face of color.
"Everybody clansmen,, too the thou pleases each,lancel taschen online, I guarded a clan to go to ……" emperor releases a sky after death, 1,300 remaining guards clansmen one Liao full-length gown and suddenly and in unreal kneels Fu down, and the skull deeply touched a knee.
"Wait a minute, does each clansmen why not stay and together reply with us in the days to come 14th lord absolute being?"Afar, a too ancient strong suddenly stretches out a skill arrestment way,Custom NFL Jerseys.
"Be getting more useless, " one guards clansmen sad a smile:"Our mind already drive dark divine power erosion, would be to stay, can not live as well how long,lancel in london.And, outside sky of attack dint with biggest cosmos in the sky, need our to join.Too the thou takes time and then allow us to come to win this time ……"
It is public silently.
"See again!The future life sees again, my clansmen ……"
Say, 1,300 remaining guards clansmen and stands to start and change into a Tao Kuang shadow Lue to the light cover of sky outside sky of cosmos, their body just a get into outside sky of cosmos in a sky then changed into a large comet and flamingly burned and took endless of heat and light, matched with the stars of outside sky of cosmos in the sky to bump together to the gold absolute being of the 14th lord absolute being Qu ……
Follow with eyes a stem clansmen to change into a stars to bump to ten thousand Zhang gold absolute being Qus of 14th lord absolute being, the emperor releases for a sky,, corner of mouth took out for a while.
"Is each,,
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