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TOPIC: the natural rivals that the previous incarnation becomes

http://raybansunglassespricein​ the natural rivals that the previous incarnation becomes 11 months, 1 week ago #108132

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"Cai can Nu way:"After I killed your brothers, you also promise to marry with me in the jail, this is your reason?Can your but again failed to keep promise!If you the jail then carry out a promise behind, how will I kill your parents again?You revenge for them, that killed oneself first!Is that you harmed them, you were the biggest bad person!"Cai can say,, the pillow on the bed, the hussif entirely throws toward Huang Chang.Huang Chang Dai stands,,
gucci men bags, an on every occasion.
Cai can way:"You are this shameless bad person,, why it happened that became my hatred house, before meeting you, I have never cried and have never worried and had no sad once shed tears, after meeting you, in addition to that several days ……I am all sad to shed tears everyday,, the sorrow bitterness lives, 40 years, all 40 years!"
Cai then will cough after canning speak a few lines a burst of, at this time but no longer a cough.Cai can continue way:"In settling state tower,
ray ban women s sunglasses, I once said that I had never felt difficult to you, you said that anyones will feel difficult, this words you didn't fool me, I finally felt difficult, but was that so it's difficult!I difficultly spend each , all 40 years!……I killed your parents and killed your brothers, you why late come to seek me to revenge?Why do you want to hide me?You let I the bitterness bitterness search for 40 years!……"
Cai can say and start and rush at Huang Chang, the double boxing keeps beating on Huang Chang.Suddenly, Cai can rush toward in Huang Chang Huai and weep aloud.Slowly,
lascel wood, Cai can stop to cry a voice, light way:"If a person fell in love with another person, that this person is her natural rivals, the natural rivals that the previous incarnation becomes, also a this present life forever get away from don't drop of natural rivals."Cai can be said as finishing and suddenly looking at Huang Chang, soft track:"Hatred house, do you know?Before meeting you, although I have never worried, also have no happy lead, after meeting you that several days, I am very happy, also the only happy day in my whole life that several days.40 in the last yearses,
lancel handbags usa, I the dream arrive every day with you together of those several days, think every day with you together ……future life,
lancel paris price,, I want to let my dream true ……"Cai can the eye hope Huang Chang, the tender feelings is infinite, slowly, Cai can the corner of mouth start to float one silk smiling face and shut ascend double eye.
Huang Chang is a burst of confused, low call way:"Cai can, Cai can ……" but out of hearing Cai is orotund any further.Huang Chang's hands embrace Cai can, stand in the house, stagnate general.For a long time, Huang Chang cans put Cai on the bed.Huang Chang Li is at the bed before,, seeing Cai can, once in a very long while and motionless ……
After 800 years, the big Xia gold Yong recorded this details:That yellow clothes finally found out a personal enemy, "when this person is a woman, began with him in those early years, Be just 67
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