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TOPIC: that is the spirit incarnation that the stone breaks a sky

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Of bewitching monster, also have of similar the insect on the earth, this that Fu, occasionally and continuously, thriving source of vitality, let people long for.
The stone breaks a sky station quietly in a high precipice on, opposite 100 Zhangses stand on another village farmland on the high precipice and have already no longer done any resist, burn daylight, use time on the earth to compute, it has been three months since 2 people beat, in this state inside, stone's breaking a sky is signed to an invincible position forever and come from to Gao personal many village farmlands, be placed in a leeway from the first, to have a draw,, again arrive to slightly gain an advantage, 2 people contest not next several hundred round.After taking a rest again fight, nobody wins after again fight, the whole can the meanses using all use to come up, or can not exterminate the other party.
Till a day of three months empress, the stone broke the Jing soul in sky to break!The Jing soul formed a Huan body as working properly Hui!
In village farmland's eyes,, that is the spirit incarnation that the stone breaks a sky, because he also realizes this line,,, he is stillhidden to see a stone to break a celestial spirits body three cents in the body by himself under, the heart knows the combat that can not win victory to end!
Own spirit will the life lose here!
The village farmland looking at an opposite stone to break a sky, matchless quietly say:"The stone breaks a sky,
authentic gucci handbags outlet, I feel that I was already a world to fix a most intelligently, halfway the house practices moral teachings, a hundred years advanced gold Dan big way, get double Ding and three absolute being machines, also how many the treasure of China, have never thought,
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The stone breaks tiny tiny for a sky on smiling, say:"Village farmland, you are indeed as expected a sky, Zong remarkable talent,, the Long Mu in the sky in those early years heavy treasure robs, is also you BE?Still incited Japanese troops to establish 731 troopses, took the soul of the human life, injured my compatriot, today, finally arrived your life to lose of!"
When 2 people fight,
Nike NFL Jerseys, that devil village farmland unexpectedly even Huan mutually the Huan absolute being of the door all have!If this Shu isn't a stone to break for a sky, the method of inherited in the family, the stone broke a sky to still really wear his way!Drive he that was hallucinogenic to work properly the absolute being to Duo to give up.
And the Huan magical power's among the living by himself/herself also only of the father just have, and father in those early years also the activity led just in the neighborhood of Long Mu of double and listenned to the Lin just cold etc. person once spoke of,, in had Huan absolute being to guard, as for at in still once left what, only waiting until to see then his old man's house could know.
Can come in contact with the person of the absolute being of sculpture carvings Huan, also will at double Long Mu Be heavy to get in the treasure.But can urge sculpture carvings Huan absolute being,, that can
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