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lancel miss lancel always have no willing to give up let it leaves nearby half to tread
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TOPIC: lancel miss lancel always have no willing to give up let it leaves nearby half to tread

lancel miss lancel always have no willing to give up let it leaves nearby half to tread 11 months, 1 week ago #107704

  • drencxdc9ai
Of way, the fairy good luck hall comes back from collecting of miracle drug wonder drug, ten have 89 be embezzled private pocket by him, severe method machine, also mostly returned himself.
This let it be, its person not only born nature weak in character, the deceit is soft afraid hard, and timid as a mouse, as the first that supports an outside hall, every dangerous urgent of time, he will decline with all sorts of excuses of put slow support, don't need him to sink into crisis by himself.
Ping Ba Shan has been already added to his own close younger brother's care and puts him in this position, be hope that knoll can ask for help of the outside thing promotes to fix for, nature can't because these matters withdrew his hall lord of.
After the event many years, leave Qin just understands to come over, why three ex- rightness'Ba fairy door'of raid thus smooth, arrive fourth time suddenly the pressure greatly increase..
Knoll died, this position finally hadn't to live any further, but made change of the hall lord, but is that ability is uncommon, the lord of personality toughness.
'Ba fairy door'the biggest soft rib, should be fairy good luck hall, oneself but got rid of this weakness for it..
Leave Qin is long long of absorbed an one breath, this is up the place of one a life time oneself's flub, however, this time..
Knoll's reaction tells him, the human face demon that is killed off by oneself Zhu is undoubtedly a this person Huan to keep, the most important now of, is a performance.
The square tube discovered a matter recently, oneself nearby this hair is small, after delivered white the dream of the beard old man, the number of times smiling is much less, but smile to become good-looking, very sincere, see that put on a white very bright tooth, always would like to listen to him talking very naturally.
For example..Now.
Leave Qin smiled, the moment of smiling face display, the cruelty always constructing intentionally at the winds and clouds Biao bureau is immediately vanish, see he smile, Ma Yun involuntarily comfortable tone, immediately discover, originally noodles expressionless Qin Jia Lao two, inside however is still an innocent kid.
"It is my teacher to give."Leave Qin speaks of teacher two words and all fly in the vision an excitement and the countenance of adoration.
"Your teacher?"Knoll Zheng Zheng absolute being, the subconscious tooks a look this long arrows that defrays expenses the human face demon Zhu forelegs to make into in hand, this childhood demon the Zhu is that he is very not easy to urge to living out from an adulthood the demon some eggs of the Zhu unique a , always have no willing to give up let it leaves nearby half to tread, yesterday in hand of the animal feed was used up, have to put it to go out to look for food, result..
"Your teacher..BE who?"Knoll coughed two, subconscious of re- wear the rain hat on the head well.
Leave Qin shook to shake head:"I don't know him as well
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