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lancel 70 but is to discover
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TOPIC: lancel 70 but is to discover

lancel 70 but is to discover 11 months, 1 week ago #107414

  • jyeqfabb04
In cutty time inside, display as if the windstorm generally and wildly storm shot.
Chapter 248 which wins to which hurt
Deceit near rain lightly moving body, Wu Ling's facial expression respectfully, the boxing elbow leg feet lightning flash sort is wildly fierce to jilt,
lancel 70, however every attack.The advantage that will be relied on water snake sword by the other party easily dissolves.
"The surprised big wave rushes thunder Zhang!"
"Gossip Zhang!"
"Wu Dang Chang's boxing!"
Very not easy opportunity for getting crary attack ground, Wu Ling almost displayed the martial skill learned completely.However, the effect for obtaining, seem but is an extremely minute.
The feeling in the martial Ling is knowing, in front ground rain is lightly moving as if is overalied 1 F on the body slippery get fed up with of the water film is general, whenever his attack falls on the its body, all will drive uncanny of slippery open, as if at do useless of achievement.
The way of weapon, one inch is long, one inch is strong;One inch is short, one inch insurance.The force soars to the skies to oppose, nature is ate big Kui.
Again attackstoned once, the vision at the right moment swept rain lightly moving Mou son of martial Ling ,
lancel 5 �� 7, but the body is tiny tiny one earthquake.He clearly from that eyes son, look for a put on cajolery.
The at heart Jing idea greatly rises, the Wu Ling step just thought ambulation, but was to shockingly discover, on the sole of foot,
lancel recrutement, unexpectedly spread one to glue dint, glue own sole of foot is on the ground and moved not must.
Come all of a sudden the geologic change turn, let martial Ling Yan Tong is tiny tiny a shrink.Lift an eye, hope rain lightly moving that smile don't smile of cheeks, corner of mouth a pull.The body no longer moves, fist fierce grip, finally take an end inside the body all Gang spirits of surplus, aim at rain lightly moving heavy bomb but go to.
"Limitless boxing!"
Along with ring out suddenly and violently to drink a voice in Wu Ling Xin, fist on,
lancel riyadh,, the blue vein stirs up, just a little some deep Huangs Gang spirit, overaly a fist,, finally take sharp of break breeze strength spirit,, mercilessly attack to rain is lightly moving.
Wu Ling attackstones to suddenly become strong, let rain in the middle of the lightly moving Mou once the flash across put on surprised Cha, jade hand tiny Xuan, cleverly madely energy water Xuan presents center of palm of hand, the fist of end and martial Ling , bomb at together.
A voice of muffled thunder sort, deep-fried on the open spaces square ring, ask for to win public support a person to don't already look askance at.
Handed over the boxing Zhang answering to keep on a moment,
sac lancel premier flirt occasion, rain was lightly moving and very light to stay back several steps, the full face sneers at of hope Wu Ling,, lightly sing a way:"See come 27 to recruit,
lascel wood, seemed to be too many to you!"
The body violently shivered several bottoms, Wu Ling just there is some hairs in the facial expression white the ground dissolve strength dint but go and lower the head to hope sole of foot, but is to discover, oneself originally in the unconscious,, already trample that be made by the blue water snake sword but the water regiment of in ……
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