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if I really lost temper
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TOPIC: if I really lost temper

if I really lost temper 11 months, 1 week ago #107381

  • jyeqfabb04
Lance between the waists, devote major efforts on jumping, the sword points Long Tian Qi's throat.
Can while just wanting to pierce through Long Tian Qi's throat,kids oakley sunglasses, suddenly a dark shadow flash across, Long Tian Qi also disappeared and heard the voice of a tediousness later on:"Hum, don't too!"
This orotund earthquake get the Zhuo feather whole body guts turn over to flow out and dropped into down from the air.
"Teacher, you came!Killed him quickly, quickly killed him for me."Long Tian Qi endures pain silently to cry a track.
The bearer is exactly Long Tian Qi's teacher,ray ban, exactly also a Jing Wu Yuan inside of three elders-the department get empty Chang!
After Zhuo feather stands up, fierce on wiping the blood in, looking at chillily at present that wears ash dress, the old of old man with white hair.
"Three elders, this is the life and death war, deathless endlessly of!"The Zhuo feather cold voice says, he some to these three elders good wills all have no, if not is to have these three elders to give support,aviators ray ban, Long Tian Qi how can at this Jing Wu Yuan in lord over?
"Hum, he is my disciple,, I don't make you kill him,ray ban malaysia price, you how again?One is small the day after tomorrow boy, dare so talk to me!"Department empty the Chang Be cold to drink a way, that old eyes project together and relentless of vision.
This department gets empty the real strenght of Chang very strong, real strenght previously 7 F in the sky is above, from just his speed to open, know.
Zhuo feather double the eyebrow is tightly wrinkly, looking at that be beaten by him neither dead nor alive Long Tian Qi be taken charge of empty Chang to mix up a rib bottom, in his heart immediately a burst of fury, life and death war is don't can be interfered with, can this department empty the Chang unexpectedly make moves to save Long Tian Qi bottom,, and return wildly talk.
"Xing Zhuo's boy, you don't ask for too many matters, don't think that the other people don't dare to kill you!As long as I like, I can kill you now, you how again?"Department empty the Chang sneer at 1.
The department gets empty the words of Chang to bump shot Zhuo feather, the the heart that burns a fury, he tightly holds hilt of a sword, roars way:"The department gets empty Chang, you don't be has gone too far in insult!The this giblets of Long Tian Qi want to kill me, can I why not kill him?"
The department gets empty Chang eyebrows a wrinkly, stare with anger Zhuo feather, he always hasn't challenged so,, he raises a hand,, a Zhang breeze in a twinkling sends out, the direct shot is on Zhuo feather, let the Zhuo feather immediately and wildly spray a blood.
"Because he my disciple,, so you can not kill him and just teach just at 1:00 for you today, if I really lost temper,oakley sunglasses mens, I will definitely kill yours!Kill you, die with Nian an ant is similar simple!"
Department empty the Chang finish saying chillily and turn round to take Long Tian Qi to leave,sac lancel adjani occasion.
The Zhuo feather lies prone at
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