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sit on the star dish.He has already consumed a lot
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TOPIC: sit on the star dish.He has already consumed a lot

sit on the star dish.He has already consumed a lot 11 months, 1 week ago #107269

  • drencxdc9ai
Some people are that demon clan!
The strength that feel oneself's body of cold gorgeous Xuan and Zhi cold in sky suddenly soared several times,, and in the moment also one utter darkness, the cold gorgeous Xuan knows that the Zhuo feather displayed a shadow to turn the magical power dragged along the cold her and Zhi in the sky into a ground bottom, generally only very urgent of time the Zhuo feather would do like this.
The Zhi cold brain in sky turns very quickly, she thoughted of a while that this is the Zhuo feather to is that mysterious and strong natural endowments magical power and responded this natural endowments magical power to the strength that she brings, she is very anxious to to want to immediately seek an individual to learn by exchanging views well to be some kind of, she suddenly thinks of, previous Zhuo feather and she fights of time, haven't used this to recruit!The strength that she is again concealed by the Zhuo feather to shock.
The Zhuo feather pulls Zhi cold and cold gorgeous Xuan in sky to silently leave under the ground and keeps off that forest,oakley prescription sunglasses, fully half of two-hour period, the Zhuo feather just leaves underground under, sit on the star dish.He has already consumed a lot, because he wants to trail two women.
"They are to pass good those tree exchanges, find out ours,, see come to this demon the clan really has a little a way."The Zhuo feather marvels to say, he still uses those now two Xuan the evil soul follow those more than ten individuals, however he was very quick and then gaved up,lancel bags for men, because those more than ten individuals can discover to what things follow them.
"What to do then,,ray ban aviator polarized?We be not a get into their sites disheveled hair now?"The cold gorgeous Xuan says,oakley titanium sunglasses.
"If I seeing first can find out Xian Xian, if Xian Xian at in, I will think what way go in."The Zhuo feather says, he let out one big cluster of Yan of working properly and had around ten thousand of many, let these work properly Yan to all and westward fly.
"Only wish these work properly Yan not disheveled hair now."The cold gorgeous Xuan says.
The Zhuo feather shuts eyes and holds that to resist a monster card in the hand and controls those to work properly Yan quickly to everywhere fly in the forest,oakley sunglasses cheap.
"The Ding works properly elder generation and have what way don't let those tree will we of does the movements reveal to go out?"The Zhuo feather asks a way,ray ban sunglasses on sale.
Ding's working properly hasn't answered, the Zhuo feather fiercely opens eyes, the facial expression becomes very difficult to see,, at just what he let out Be around ten thousand to work properly all of the Yans to break to go to contact,, passed those Xuan the evil soul observes, those attacks that work properly Yan not to know to suffer what kind, all drop down from the air.
This being different from is to is a spirit attack, because the that Xuan evil soul has no matter!
"Mess, they caught up with to come here!"The Zhuo feather quickly urges star dish and quickly leaves here.
"Be good at to rush our demon clan site, die!"One big hoarse voice is very icy cold, the Zhuo feather is over behind on seeing, immediately
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