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Inside each greatly protect method or elder, will come in addition Feng to choose pupil, you will divide each Feng by that time, everythings all depend heaven's will!"After many youths order, many monks successively kiss Xiu to keep off.
Is spacious of in the square, each youth 35 in groups, the front and back letter goes into different room, Wang Meng ascends one lo, the square knows that he or she is so solitary.
Wang Meng is silent to lower the head, slow walk to a , not intentionally push away that door.
Door slowly but open, however, all of the door open this a moment and have already had one person inside the building and hope this Human body in the room to copy,,, the king receives have deep acquaintanceship feeling, temporarily and unexpectedly can not remind ……
Chapter 9 Lyu Zi Dan
Wang Meng silently calms down to sign the place is at the door and only be apart from that figure inside the building to have far three Zhangs around, temporarily himself brain in some recall~to the mind to order rapid return, carefully inquire into growth in, the memory of the acquaintanceship once experienced.
Slowly, he unexpectedly touched touch head, later on, the whole individual also as if relieved of a heavy burden, as if and in the moment have a kind of suddenly felling, Wang Meng again lifts Mou to keep hoping that figure, didn't have whirling facial expression this time, obviously he has already known this shadow of human figure to is who at this time.
Hope more and more clear image, the king receives of face up start to put on round and round sigh the color of Xian, the lifelike taste is long to see, however brief, the his heart emotion is difficult to express to float to float to uncertain get up.
"Ah!Is Lyu Zi Dan!"
Not from,
discount cucci, the back is near to this at very short distance, quiet calm and steady figure, Wang Meng takes off on sighing 1 and keep reporting this figure personal name, but oneself still keeps contemplating.
Lyu Zi Dan,
gucci handbags outlet, current Wang Shi's household recruits medium out of the new generation surname genius youth, natural endowments starlight has never got a to say, Wang Meng absolutely with he than is a wide difference predestination.
The genius is to be admired and respected by myriad people forever, while you aren't a genius, had no God to regard with affection,, can silently opportunity to wait for, quiet Tan to the whole.
However,, when Wang Meng thoughts of he or she's natural endowments seem to grow mightiness Fen not, also always at accompany into him have to become to strongly persist wish.
Lyu Zi Dan feels in a sudden someone enter room, but he is to anticipate an arrival don't wear to sigh along with the companion of sound tell, the taste had the 1 F the captivation and suddenly turned round a to see.
Be him the one who see arrival just after being a king to receive, suddenly speech way:"I am Lyu Zi Dan, hearing you are Wang Shi Wang to receive,
gucci replica handbags, your my 2 people can believe in in the might of heaven for same days and become cohabitation to give up friend, though short several days, also in really the predestination meets, hope that we can become of brothers friend!"The language seems to be equal Ping-ho,, however he also obviously knows Wang Meng's some career circumstances.
Smell speech, the king receives one E, Yang eyes with to, if appear unimaginable air,
loui vuitton purses,, also up pay a way:"My Wang Meng, the I've long been looking forward to meeting you Lyu Xiong's name , on seeing today,
louis vuitton handbags,, doubly is subjected to regrets and be very grateful for Lyu Xiong to close more brothers in the days to come!"Wang Meng Dun refrains from rash action to sink
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