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lancel paris 9 the nature also became a discard
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TOPIC: lancel paris 9 the nature also became a discard

lancel paris 9 the nature also became a discard 11 months, 1 week ago #106920

  • yrejzvzc91
, Chen Mo Meng must lift up head to shout a way on all sides:"The Xiao is soft, I know that you are here, the Xuan sun son is already a cripple Qu, killed his all of all productses return you, the Xiao is soft, and the Xiao is soft!"
Don't respond to, once shouted to count an interest to lead at Chen Mo, that exorcises the sword that the sword sends out to whistle, besides which, and this flies sword to send out of blare to ring, on all sides one dead Ji.
"Mama of, die to also want to pull you to be a mat back!"This several interest time, the toxin has already spread the whole left arm, Chen Mo at the moment not only the left arm have lost consciousness, even the brain also has one silk captivation!
"Ha ha ha, too late!"The Xuan sun sub- cachinnation, the body is slowly straight, " you think that I before explain with you layout for the sake of what?If you can after being poisoned momentary, immediately heel I once the Bo life put together, after killing me, that flies sword no man control, the nature also became a discard, you then can used for all minds to force by that time poison, can also beg a ray of hope, but is to have no opportunity at present, smile till the last of remaining and being me Xuan sun son!"
This several interest time, Xuan sun son afraid instauration condition of the injury for arousing Chen Mo or Xie Mu Ji's person's rebound, doing not dare to openly defiant actly take a Dan medicine, so also just coagulated a fairy dollar just some little.But these use to come from exploding a method machine,is enough!
Bite at a tongue, force a Jing blood after, Jing blood of the Xuan sun sub- index finger drop, a that still wipes in flying of Chen Mo's chest sword to greatly drink a way:"Explode for me!"
"Not!"Chen Mo leaves the distance of Xuan sun son still rather far, the ear spreads the roars of Xuan sun son, on the face not from must appear one silk despair!
"Bomb!"The thunder long grass is rapid to twinkle, close behind that flies sword to bomb however explodes.Continue three method machine of explodings, especially this this life method machine that flies sword or mutually melts with the Xuan sun sub- blood, also too late see a Chen Mo result, he Xuan sun son on the spot be be subjected to anti- bite!
The Jing blood dies, this life fairy dollar is damaged, the Xuan sun son originally returns to calculate ascend the body of pure Jian, immediately can see without the aid of instruments of emaciated come down, until scrawny crone such as the Jiang corpse is general.
That explosion center, smoke and dust dissipation, flies sword not to reply just over there and flies sword originally stab go into of Chen Mo's chest appeared a big hole, this was the blood hole but had no blood run off, just intolerably filthy, the heart of blood-red color fist size can also see flutter, but this the flutter have been the slowest, more terrible is this to leave left atrium, the right atrium no longer knows where wents. <b
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