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only those have a big chance and opportunity to just probably get.***
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TOPIC: only those have a big chance and opportunity to just probably get.***

only those have a big chance and opportunity to just probably get.*** 11 months, 1 week ago #106607

  • qgaudska78
Jail evil absolute being thunder enough he is distress to be getting more some kind of.
【The 192 】 curved bow shoots to work properly!
Gold bow,louis vuitton uk, body golden, the golden light of Can Can is the writing of ancient under what to grave in, the style is old, but doesn't lose atmosphere, list is refine its material is already be worth of very valuable,buy lancel online, the Phoenix knits iron Jing gold, how much somebody want to beg a cake of refining weapon,have never got, only those have a big chance and opportunity to just probably get.***
Tang Fei's hand holds gold bow and pulls bow string, a tie up to round to have nine Yin purgatory evil absolute being thunders of only the sword slowly model on the bow string and in the whole world fly a sand to walk stone, evil thunder repeatedly, the glory in various color four shoot, endless vitalities was all absorbed Na by this Tao Kuang arrows to come over.
"Weng ……" Tang Fei lets go, together and only the arrows projects and toward Huang Yi Yun to fly soon shoot pass by.
The facial expression dark of Huang Yi Yun soon drop water, the foot not well-known footwork visits and flies to soon evade confrontation with and hides a part, the arrows feather submerged high in the clouds all of a sudden,, the air originally just coagulated of a dark cloud is shot all of a sudden of collapse ground.
"Weng ……"
Tang Fei pulls bow bow string for the second time, the light arrows flew and shot into afar and submerged a ground all of a sudden,, a whole street ground of bang summons up all of a sudden, the underground suddenly collapsed as having a Torvosaurus that is good at a dozen of holes to once wear.
The gold bow that just opened Feng's hasing the inborn way that Tang Fei graved in the line indeed as expected is power to greatly increase, almost already this Phoenix knit iron Jing gold can develop of power total amount exertion!This has already approached the extreme limit of this kind of material.
"Shoot to die your old guy!"Hope that distress evade confrontation with of Huang Yi Yun,,lancel bags amazon, Tang Fei carefree cachinnation, the other party steals a chicken not to become to pour to lose a rice,,, oneself on the contrary benefited from adversity this time.
Connected to shoot 78 arrowses, Tang Fei felt his/her own bodies all have some can not stand, this just stop next pull bow, Huang Yi Yun hope that distress dodge, once again joyful on smiling, jump up one Shan, hide afar to resist empty fly but go to.
Continuous 78 arrowseses shot into Huang Yi Yun, although didn't harm him,make him distress excrescent, see Tang Fei to leave, although the heart is unwilling,the but again is helpless, lookinging at a ground of top already iciness soon stiff grandson corpse, Huang Yi Yun,lancel bags brigitte bardot, double Deng with fierce feet ground,lancel handbags, cut up rough of greatly drink 1:
"Tang Fei child, I don't kill you,, the Shi doesn't behave!"And then an accepted the corpse of oneself's grandson, the Teng gets empty but rises, towarding Tang Fei has already soon disappeared of the direction is fierce of again make track for pass by.
"Return come
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