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http://raybanwhitesunglassesban.webs.com/ rapid constringency
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TOPIC: http://raybanwhitesunglassesban.webs.com/ rapid constringency

http://raybanwhitesunglassesba​n.webs.com/ rapid constringency 11 months, 1 week ago #106588

  • drencxdc9ai
 Han Dan settles once the Jing see, isn't other people, is exactly eight black, sees him a full head loose hair, one face black spirit, the double eyes start to be suffused with red and red ray of light and gnash the teeth with hatred a full face old grudge ground to look at owner.
Perhaps at this moment, he connects own old father is who all no longer remember.
Han Dan also not heel his useless talk, present to print for a day while signing, the hands choke Jue, that prints to start to be suffused with a white light, if the carpet generally straightens to extend to the both sides, and accept Long gradually, in a short instant form an invisible but have "cage" of quality, will eight therein.
Eight black feel dangerous general, sign fly into a rage, roar repeatedly, make threatening gestures a ground of facing Han Dan rush toward and in a short instant bump at only act on, in the lighting flicker, eight black if be subjected to a daunt, suddenly bounce, fall to sit on the ground.
Eight black very furious, want to suddenly and violently rise again while signing.
Han Dan's handle knob is a , that"cage" such as fishing net general, rapid constringency, in a short instant will eight black personal bind Fu to get up.
Eight black rants write to try very hard to a flounder and want to flounce tie, but always useless.
Han Dan kneads one method Jue again, the handle knob is some pubic region, an auspicious atmosphere such as smoke fog, float aery boundless, continues bum from the stomach.
Such as long dragon general, in the sky hover around 1 turn, then such as long the whale absorb water generally and constantly and constantly flow into eight black top of heads.
Want to thoroughly dispel very obviously in addition to is foul atmosphere, can not be like Han Dan, just receive Hong auspicious atmosphere to"put" in the body, but should let it "digest"s to read in eight black absolute being in, therefore, Han Dan has to adjust to read with the oneself absolute being strong about to the Hong receive auspicious atmosphere to input to eight black absolute being reads inside, but the whole process, all if give birth to baby general pain and sufferings, add of foul atmosphere inside the body deeply heavy, meet strong then arise anti- bite, two influences are in the body fight endlessly, eight black is more painful and unbearable.
However his body drive that"fishing net" tie is unexpectedly to can not move a very small amount, hence all pain and sufferings, then turn to make whole body shiver, also have already roared like thunder, sweat such as rain next.
However along with horary of change, receive continuously flowing out of the auspicious atmosphere to go into along with the Hong, on eight black faces black spirit gradual dissipation, the eyeful is red and red gradually dreary, in the eye of dark kill an idea, also at by accident thin have no vestige.
And he the rant in, gradually deep and low, shivering of body, also stop gradually.
Finally there is so a time, eight black stare at Han Dan's look in the eyes, gradually had how many a surprise, how many appreciate.
Han Dan Mang not Die ground the Hong that will leave receive auspicious atmosphere to take back stomach in, carefully conceal.
2 people mutually see a to smile.
Through this service, eight black can say to is to benefit from adversity, peacock in order to save him at water fire, once book in the sky and his self-discipline, this kind of opportunity, is how much person longed for day and night but eventually could not get,
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