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my Tang Feis couldn't allow me to become your to marry dress by myself"
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TOPIC: my Tang Feis couldn't allow me to become your to marry dress by myself"

my Tang Feis couldn't allow me to become your to marry dress by myself" 11 months ago #106563

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Is mumbling to say, be like soliloquize, again be like at answer that mysterious man and all questions in the public
"The world creation makes people the center, can pursue other, finally one is absurd ……"
Tang Fei lightly shakes head,ray ban wayfarer black, finally the one step steps at way typeface before, on the whole individual's face have no the slightest of facial expression, slowly the dish bottom sits down,lancel delice handbag, more and more of dust ……
"Exactly and what is the row, this want to really get way in Chengkong University?"
The owner isn't clear inside,, a stares at Tang Fei and that way word, unspeakable interrogative in the eye, though the heart is unwilling, at this time they also can be quiet foolish here, quiet quiet wait for
Weng Weng ……inside the body, the Tang Fei's fairy drum together blares, the fairy joy of each color continuously moves to ring, inside the body more and more the decrepit fragment be continuously coagulating, gold lotus Hua shake one, the gold color of the one Hua of crary growth, all these Tang Feis all have no the least bit felling, Tang Fei at this time has already got into one very exquisite state,,lancel handbags, didn't contend for with a life time and had nothing to do with a life time, at this time of he has already completely sunk to immerse at own unseen in
Allow the external world, flower bloom, the tide livings tide to fall, Tang Fei from have no the least bit felling ……
Time so penny one is latest, don't know to is to lead how long as well,lv purse outlet, Tang Fei's feeling is like latest are general for many years, also feel that being like and leading is general for an instant, all of everythings are that sort of exquisite, open absolute being eyes, Tang Fei saw his/her own a sea of woes and saw oneself that stub gold lotus in the body, self-taught chain, this gold lotus then has been accompanying with oneself gradual growth, Tang Fei also basically cans not distinguishes Chu this is exactly what things
Until today,, he understood, this be his way fruit
Gold lotus most top, a just like birthmark general gold color a little bit small son be slowly taking shape,, that is an embryo of strange Pa, blossom and bear fruit once waiting until it thoroughly, that accompany with of will be Tang Fei way fruit of big become
"The that time waited to solve you …… ignore you were exactly how arrogant existence before, my Tang Feis couldn't allow me to become your to marry dress by myself"
Gold lotus under, a dark shadow is unclear if now, this is Tang Fei's a time bomb in the body, on the first not in addition to, Tang Fei can't feel at ease on the first, what oneself brought to life is hidden with it have a great connection,cheap oakley sunglasses store,, before guard the gammer of fuming the son once spoke, Tang Fei very probably drive other people be became a stove Ding
Keep a soul by soul, legendary and highest negative sky of magical power
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