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the Kingsoft suddenly and violently shivered
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TOPIC: the Kingsoft suddenly and violently shivered

the Kingsoft suddenly and violently shivered 11 months, 1 week ago #106533

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After cloud leaves, the Zhuo feather and white Xian Xian disguises to easily permit,, is just intending to leave the time of Kingsoft, Liu Shui Xin takes one face dignified of come to seek them.
"Childe, you can don't leave a Kingsoft first, the outside is very dangerous now,, because as for way that is evil to fix to distinctly invade fairy,,lv bags discount, if you go out, will be very dangerous of,, the person on the Kingsoft is many now, everyone solidifies, those are evil to fix don't dare to come as well."
Zhuo feather the eyebrows is tightly wrinkly, evil fix usually with fairy way occurrence conflict this is also be not what rare affair, if he and white the Xian Xian go out, definite will be very dangerous, however he not afraid.
At this time, the Kingsoft suddenly and violently shivered, but also just several time for winking is just.
Many ruleses that fix a to also ignore a Kingsoft,gucci sukey medium, quickly of resist sword to fly, they still don't know that the Kingsoft outside appeared an at this time large numbers of evil fix.
Chapter 141 with weak Dou strong
The air immediately appears one to closely fix a to resist sword to fly, Zhuo feather and white Xian Xian but very the town settle, at this time he can already want to get this mountain peak already drive evil fix to attackstone.
"Everyone need not panic, please leave carat fine mountain,ray ban wayfarer small, because the evil way distinctly takes the offensive our fairy way,, this Kingsoft has a severe method to defendoof, can't be ruined by the shot."The by this time together moderate voice spreads.
"I am a sky, two pupils of the source door Huang Xiao Dong, we source door in the sky in the neighborhood, I have already contacted a teacher door to send person quickly to beat off evil fix, everyone sends greeting heart foolish in the Kingsoft city."
"The guy boasted."The Zhuo feather scolds low a , he dares to promise, if have badly evil one to fix to come,louis vuitton taschen outlet, running quickestly must be him.
"Childe, do you still need to leave here?"Liu Shui Xin asks a way.
"Elder sister, we certainly needed to walk, those are evil to fix, afraid of!"The white Xian Xian wields a powder boxing to say, she after studied some magical powers, have never displayed already, this makes her suppress for a long time, is she worrying nobody to do a hand.
"Miss, you don't worry for us, this is also a kind of experience and training to us."The Zhuo feather is beaming with smiles to say.
Liu Shui Xin lightly sighed a , then turn round to leave,authentic gucci bags, for Zhuo feather and white Xian Xian so way of doing, she is also some animation, however she also know that she can not obstruct.
The Zhuo feather takes white Xian Xian alignment city gate,lv bag price, but be blocked down.
"No going out!"What to talk is a guard of city gate, and at many people of city gate is also
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