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ray ban The dollar starts for a sky
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TOPIC: ray ban The dollar starts for a sky

ray ban The dollar starts for a sky 11 months, 1 week ago #106512

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Wait the heart of mercy?"
Top and bottom two boundaries hear someone loudly shout loudly, all not of so, the dollar starts for a sky, listens to the voice that the way lights lamp, the absolute being knows already over there, soft-voiced way:"Light lamp a friend, you is this why the need for again?"
Light lamp a hatred that person looking at limitless hatred to work properly Ning to become to collide with mutually, want to escape from tie, the in the mind is practiced moral teachings by several years to wash and brush clean of the heart of mercy by this time and incredibly overflow:"Now that the God's way isn't pity, so, ten thousand sort sins to the utmost return my body."
Light lamp to say a words, both sides of foul atmosphere all hit his body up, a kind of touch of pain and sufferings starts spreading, gradual of again lost this felling, the sky in a golden light declines bottom, light lamp three to spend to gather a crest, five spirit dynasty dollar, the half acre celebrates cloud to present in the top, the fairy joy of the world rings out, the creation all says it mercy.
The dollar starts for a sky, is one Leng, but sees quasi- to lift a person already appear is lighting lamp a body side, the in the mind is great anger, teacher says that the sage doesn't get, he is quasi- to lift how thus unrestrained?
Is quasi- to lift a person to see light lamp to say with smile:"Way friend a great service to mankind, my Buddhism still lacks a past Buddha and now then decrees by destiny and lights lamp, now then seal you in order to light lamp the ancient Buddha, always enjoy my Buddhism spirit luck."
"Amitabha."Light lamp to say with smile, " many thanks teaches Zu.Pupil this then lefts for a ground of fairyland to help each other such as."
"It is kind."
The dollar starts for a sky, greatly indignantly sits on the jade falsely in the temple, but doesn't also go out, a few sage Lis have never measured quantity to rob immortalization, if turn to throw him to teach for the sake of a person but consumedly make moves, perhaps will lead to a sky to punish, is really unworthy.
Light lamp public inside still and remember a Xuan God's way's to Long Tian and the Yang Jian's words, the nature is to know that they will participate this quantity to rob, although the Buddha way consumedly makes moves, who didn't harm groundwork, by so doing do this week 365 star gentlemans in the sky arrive when and just can gather together together?Does quantity's robbing when just can end?
Light lamp a person becomes Buddhism ancient Buddha but is this quantity to rob of a variable, way door in as the jade falsely the temple Zhang teach of jade the pure sage dollar start for a sky, still didn't expect, still less others, eight view temples in ascend an old gentleman in the mind too much also really is surprise, how can not anticipate the affair will change so, while just lighting lamp the Shi wish of sending out"ten thousand sort sins to the utmost return my body", the sky declines contribution and plus to light lamp to ownly comprehend quasi- saint, now pour like,
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